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Letter from Developers #8: 1/10/17

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  • Letter from Developers #8: 1/10/17


    This is Chosseo from the Crusader’s Quest team.
    It is a pleasure to write the 8th developer’s letter and the first letter of 2017 to you all. I wish all of you Crusaders the best of everything in the New Year.

    The first update of the year will be filled with the following changes.
    As always, please understand that some of the information in the developer’s letter is subject to change.

    First, here are some of the improvements to the user experience we make for every update.
    • When you save Popo, there will be a Save Popo UI added to the “To Town” button in the stage result page.
    • Ranks will be added to the Berry system to classify and manage them more easily.
    • Alignment filter will be added to the Berry page.
    • You can now sell the berries by bundles.
    • A hero selected will no longer be reset after transferring the skill in the Skill Lab.
    • Episode 7 Holy City (HARD) will be updated for those of you who want more of a challenge with stronger enemies.

    Following updates will be added along with the Holy City (HARD) update.
    • New quests
    • New normal heroes
    • Mercenary level will expand from the previous Lv70 to Lv80.
    Along with the mercenary level expansion, Mercenary Passive- Food warehouse will be expanded up to LV.3 (amount of meat up to 10 upon possessing 20 heroes). Thus, the amount of meat achieved via natural increase will be expanded from 85 to 100.

    There will be a cut scene and battle of Hasla 100 years ago in the prologue at the beginning of the game.
    After the update, those of you who are new to Hasla will see its state 100 years ago before starting the game. Existing mercenary leaders can also check out this cut scene from the scenario.

    There is a new champion after the Champion Franz.
    A champion named ‘West Wind' in one of the forces possesses a mysterious skill which uses an inherent magic. Get ready for West Wind!

    New costumes will be added to the following heroes.
    • Arita
      • If she had not been kidnapped by the Witch…she might have become a lady like this?
    • Siegfried
      • You will see a brave dragon hunter, Siegfried, hunting for the fallen Devil Dragon.
    • Gon
      • Would there ever be a princess prettier and lovelier than her?
    • Crow
      • A steam engine and a cogwheel…Steampunk Crow is coming!
    • Hanzo
      • A fox who is as elusive as Ninja!
    • Benjamin
      • Benjamin the chief researcher of the Rapture Science. Get ready to experience his intelligence.
    • Stein
      • Too much eagerness for robots, even starts to endanger his body...

    You will also get to see 4 new stories.

    Next scenario’s difficulty level will also be changed.
    • Difficulty level for Episodes 1~ 4 (HARD) will be improved. We will lower down the difficulty for the area where there is a subtle increase in the difficulty, and the area where heroes with lower levels cannot clear.
    • The kill pattern of the Gunslinger of the Desert in the 2nd Holy City-Stage 4 will be changed.

    The heroes and the Soulbound weapons below will be reformed.
    • Jin-Kyung and Jin-Kyung’s Soulbound Weapon
      • Jin-Kyung used to have very low stats and skill compared to other heroes.
      • We are going to increase Jin-Kyung’s default skill and stats for balance. We look forward to see Jin-Kyung being used in variety of settings.
    • Billy Kane and Billy Kane’s Soulbound Weapon
      • For Billy, it slightly does not follow the Crusader Quest’s rules where the ‘Soulbound weapon, when equipped by the hero, will have more efficiency than the normal weapon’. In order to follow this rule while maintaining the balance for Billy, we have lowered down the coefficient of the passive skill, and increased the damage granted upon equipping a Soulbound weapon. Thus, Billy without the Soulbound weapon has lower efficiency while Billy with the Soulbound weapon has an increased efficiency than before. As a result, Billy with the Soulbound weapon after the balance modification will show a similar performance as Billy who is equipped with a normal weapon before the modification was made.
    • R-0 and R-0’s Soulbound Weapon
      • R-0 was originally created as an Atk type hero, but as one of the first heroes of Crusader Quest, it has failed to show its possibility. Thus we have balanced its skill to match the recent heroes. Also, it used to be difficult to use the Soulbound weapon for R-0 as the requirement for his passive skills was quite complicating. By mitigating the passive activation requirements for the Soulbound weapon, R-0 will become much stronger than its current state.
    • Arita’s chain-1 block skill duration
      • Currently, Arita is showing very strong block efficiency from the Colosseum compared to other heroes. By reducing the duration of Arita’s chain-1 block skill which easily activated her passive skills just by using the block skill, this skill will be able to used more strategically from now on.
    • ·Change the moment of Siegfried Soulbound Weapon skill activation time
      • We have come to a conclusion that the delayed activation of Siegfried’s Soulbound weapon passive skill makes it less useful. Thus, we have improved its usability by allowing the skills to be activated earlier. Now you will get to see a stronger Siegfried.
    • Changes in the range and speed of Crow Soulbound Weapon skill
      • The Crow with his Soulbound weapon seems to be very strong when it attacks right on the target, but it failed to show its usability due to its short range and slow speed. Since his Soulbound weapon passive skill’s range has been lengthened, and the speed has become faster, Soulbound weapon passive skill, the Crow will now “really” become a strong hero.
    • Rachel bug fix and Soulbound Weapon change
      • We have found many issues with Rachel that affect the balance. However, after fixing all these bugs and going through a test, we were able to see that she has become stronger than before. Rachel is far stronger than other heroes in the scenario or the world boss, so we thought making her even stronger would not be a good idea. Thus, we’ve slightly reduced her Soulbound weapon coefficient along with the bug fixes.

    The following special skills will be reformed.
    • Avatar of Punishment MAX LV
      • Avatar of Punishment used to have many offensive options such as—increase in the attack power, magical damage per second, resistance to push, neutral damage upon reactivation, etc.--when transferring the skill to MAX LV. The original intention of the Avatar of Punishment was to emphasize its attacking characteristic as opposed to the Avatar of Protection, but it was able to satisfy both attack/defense through the resistance to push option. Thus, we will slightly reduce the resistance to push value while keeping the original intention of its emphasis on the attacking skills.
    The skill for the following Goddess will be reformed.
    • Prestina
      • Prestina has a skill where the HP of entire allies is recovered every time the enemy attempts to attack. As we thought that the condition where the skill is activated ‘every time the enemy attempts to attack’ may be unclear both intention wise and technical wise, the condition for the skill will be changed to be activated 'whenever the ally is damaged’ for a clear and better understanding of the skill.
    Moreover, here are some fixes to be made in regards to the balance problems.
    • An issue where the Nurspy Soulbound weapon does not apply its neutral damage will be fixed.
    • An issue where Sera’s Shield feature is different for each Android and iOS will be fixed.
    • An issue where the combat gets finished even if the hero has been resurrected in the Colosseum will be fixed.
    • There are many changes to the balance in this update. Stay tuned in for more changes to come in Hasla.
    • Gold Mine has been reformed, thus will be temporarily discontinued. For players who have already purchased it can redeem the gold without any issue.

    Our Dev members are doing the best as we can to have a more appropriate way to invite and refer friends, and we are preparing for a new Refer a Friend system.
    Refer a Friend code system will be closed in the near future, and then we will come back with a new Refer a Friend system later. We will inform you of the specific date and time through a separate announcement.

    That is it for the 8th developer’s letter of the New Year.
    Thank you for your ongoing support for the ‘Crusaders Quest’.
    We will make sure to provide you with much more exciting contents this year.

    Happy New Year!
    Crusaders Quest Team
    Was a Associate Product Manager for Crusaders Quest

    Don't be mean to pandas!

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    HI Cinnaroll! Just have a question or two.

    The Japanese CQ Twitter account and the Chinese CQ FB page both mentioned KoF in an upcoming maintenance period and the update content that is soon to follow. Now, obviously, this Dev Letter that you posted looks like a translation of the Dev Letter than was posted to the Korean CQ page on Facebook, and that post doesn't make any direct references to a KoF Part 2, though I guess they were hinting at it with some of their later posts. Would you happen to know any details about this, that would possible help cemented KoF Part 2 or not?

    EDIT: So.... I saw the Trailer. So it is coming. In that case, why no reveal announcement before the update hits?
    Last edited by reso; 01-11-2017, 02:23 AM.