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Notice Regarding KoF '98 1st Collab

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  • Notice Regarding KoF '98 1st Collab

    Greetings players,

    During the 12/20 maintenance, we fixed the balance of Sie Kensou/Yagami Iori, as well as bug fixes.

    We apologize that we did not communicate well on this matter. There should have been more information to the users when it comes to limited time only collaboration characters.

    We are sending Jewels to the users who had purchased the KOF '98 Contract before the balance fix.

    Crusaders Quest will do our best to reflect the balance and bug fixes faster to make the game more fun!


    Users who:

    Purchased the KOF '98 Contract


    After 12/14 maintenance~before 12/20 maintenance

    Will receive the reward of:

    18% of the Jewels spent on KOF '98 Contract (Rounded up after the decimal point)


    After 1/17/ 2017 (Max. 24 hours)


    We sincerely apologize once again.

    Thank you,

    The Crusaders Quest Team
    Was a Associate Product Manager for Crusaders Quest

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