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Letter From Developers #9: 02/08/17

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  • Letter From Developers #9: 02/08/17

    Greetings Crusaders,
    This is Chosseo from the Crusader’s Quest team.

    A month has passed already, and it is our 9th developer’s letter.
    It feels great to meet you all with this year’s second developer’s letter.

    As always, our Crusader’s Quest team is always striving hard to provide you a more exciting experience.

    First, the following updates are coming for a more convenient Hasla play:

    - Friend Setting UI will be changed, and you may receive an additional reward depending on the number of friends who have replied to exchange.
    - Display method for the buff items(Elixir of the Goddess, etc.) will be changed, and you can now choose an option to apply the item before the battle begins.
    - The sorting option for the Weapon Tome is same as the Hero Tome sorting option.
    - Login timing upon installing the game will be changed. You may now login to the game without downloading all the files.

    We’d like to discuss more about Friend Setting and Recommendation feature in detail.

    Our developers are aware that the current method of entering recommendation code is very difficult for you all.
    The current individual code entering method not only makes it difficult to invite actual friends but it is also difficult to find friends in community.

    Thus, we have promised to come up with a new invite a friend feature, and after many discussions, we finally got to add this feature to our upcoming updates:

    - There will be 4 different Pop-Up screens for the Friend Setting menu [Friends List, Friend Request, Request List, Received Requests].
    - Instead of the previous method for entering recommendation code, there is a feature to find a nearby friend. Finding a nearby friend uses a Bluetooth feature, and the rewards are given based on the number of friends added.
    - A new feature to advertise game is being added. With this feature, you can advertise the game via multiple social media within the device.

    Also, we have seen a lot of discussions going on between the Crusaders in the discussion board.

    There have been many changes to our Crusader’s Quest heroes caused by balance adjustments, and to provide appropriate information, we are going to reset the hero discussion board in the next update.
    Please feel free to start discussions about the heroes with newly updated information.
    Moreover, we expect a cleaner and more appropriate discussion board as we will no longer use the recommendation code.

    Next up is our biggest update in February.

    We are planning to release new Crusader Fame system and Memorial contents, to show how much fame you have been building up in Hasla, and each one of your impact in Hasla.
    The fame is determined by various data you have created in Hasla, and you will also receive a special memorial for decoration once you satisfy the hidden secret requirement.

    Crusader Fame requires hero level, completeness of the tome, number of unlocked champion and many more.

    Crusader’s Quest Dev team is adjusting the balance consistently, and we will continue to do so going forward.
    We are also thinking about the visual elements of the heroes released initially—the first target hero is Lilith.
    Lilith will have skill effects that actually go well with its character. You can find out more about it through the update.

    Many of you are communicating to us about the new Soulbound Weapon update.

    For this update, we will have the Soulbound Weapons for the following 3 heroes:

    - Lorelei
    - Rahima
    - Sien

    South-Western Alliance Champion ‘Ibelin’ will be added.
    Are you excited for Ibelin’s blast activity along with the train running in the Western background?

    The following Hero Story will be added.

    - Ghost vs Magic Doll!
    - Captain’s Noted Lecture
    - It’s Okay, You are Cute

    Loading Illustration, new illustration, and costumes will be added.

    New Illustrations
    - South-Western Alliance Champion Ibelin
    - Himiko
    - Saiga
    - Woopa

    New Costumes
    - Victoria
    - Uriel
    - Abel
    - V
    - Niven
    - Vincent
    - Cano
    - Aria

    Lastly, we have fixed an issue where it only takes the meat but the opponents could not play the World Boss when you close the popup screen right after clicking the ready button to play the World Boss.

    We are fixing many more issues besides this one. Please check the update patch note in the future for these fixes.

    We will make sure to provide you with much more exciting, and newer contents.

    Please take care until the 10th developer’s letter.


    Crusaders Quest Team