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Letter From Developers #10: 03/07/17

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  • Letter From Developers #10: 03/07/17

    Dear players.
    “Chosseo” from the Crusaders Quest team here.
    The long winter has finally passed, and now March is here. As we greet the new spring, I feel greatly appreciative that I am communicating with the users through the 10th Developer's Letter.

    Here is the summary of the new updates for you.

    We will continue updating for more convenient gameplay.
    - In Ancient Dungeon, Dungeon schedule menu was added for you to see dungeon schedule for a week. Now instead of memorizing the dungeon schedule, you can see the open information in-game.
    - We were having a problem where the package icons and event icons were sorted vertically without order. We will be applying the item and event's sorting method. Events will be sorted horizontally while other menus will sort vertically.
    - Ingame shop package items will sort as below.
    Lucky Box > Starter Pack > Promotion Package > Subscription Package > Honor Package > Skin Package > Champion Package > Support Hero Package > Legendary Berry Package

    We changed Lilith's block skill effect in the prior update. We will continue updating the visual aspect of the game including visual effect and such. Also, other heroes and skill's appearance will keep changing.
    - Mundeok: Dashing effect in block skill will change to look more natural.
    - Scarlette: Bullet fire effect and bullet explosion effect will change to look more clear.
    - Uzimant: Soulbound Weapon passive cross effect will change to look more clear.
    - Doxx: Block skill bullet will change to look more clear.
    - Warrior Special Skill [Crescent Moon Rampage]: Hero animation and effect will change to look more natural.
    - Hunter Special Skill [ILSU-425 Bombing], [CURV-603 Carpet Bomb]: Projectile and explosion effect will change to move more naturally.
    - Spyro: Spyro's block and Soulbound Weapon skill, which uses the same effect as the Hunter's Special Skill will change as well.

    We will be updating more heroes' Soulbound Weapons. Keep an eye on the charismatic and mighty heroes' Soulbound Weapons.
    - Dullahan's Heaven Crasher strong ax that strengthens Dullahan's attack power per hit, giving the special ability even when the attack fails and Dullahan falls.
    - A beloved witch, Vesper's Naiad cool cane that protects Vesper and calls for a new friend.
    - A man with a sad love story, Faust's Elixir weakens the enemy and strengthen the ally. But..there might be a side effect to the ally, too!

    Below heroes' passive skills have been changed to activate on a more accurate timing. Players can now rise to the passive skills more actively.
    - Victoria: Summon Flag
    - Koxinga: Rising Water Dragon
    - Rebecca: Burning Sun
    - Magnus: Summon Tree Spirit
    - Altair: Loving Moonlight
    - Spiny: Blast Shot
    - Saiga: Fire Dragon Cannon in Soulbound Weapon
    - Necron: Evil Spirit Order
    - Cano: Love Beam
    - Demeter: Summon Scarecrow
    - Lupeow: Create Surprise Hat
    - Melissa: Holy Curse Damage
    - Aria: Twinkling Meteor Shower

    New skins added. New skins will be paired with heroes.
    - What happens if the evil spirit summoned by Necron takes over Isabel's whole body, not just one arm? Consumed Isabel.
    - Imagine meeting Achilles, the historic hero in Colosseum. Gladiator Achilles skin will make your dreams come true.
    - See righteous Robin Hood's new identity just revealed. Meet Robin Hood of Dusk, more intimate than ever.
    - Sentinel has become even stronger! Full armor Sentinel starts operating.
    - You can be the next meal of this devil. Run away from the Necron of Cataclysm!
    - Asmo and bunny, who's cuter? Let me, Bunny Magician Melissa answer that question!

    Some bugs will be fixing.
    - Fixed the error in Fortress of Souls 10th floor, when boss Sotair's last resistance pattern overlapped with Soltair's other patterns, it's canceled.
    - Now Rebecca's mark of the Sun now applies regardless of the enemy's debuff.
    - Fixed the error when Rebecca attacks the marked enemy, basic attack motion speed slows down.
    - Fixed the error where Rebecca's projectile disappears too soon.

    Celebrating the new Soulbound Weapons, hero image in the app icon will change to 'Vesper.'
    Also, town background will change to warm spring image on this update.

    This has been the simple description of March update.
    We will update many other aspects of the game, which you can see later on in our patch note.
    We promise to provide you with more enjoyable and reliable gameplay. See you in the next developer's letter.

    Crusaders Quest “chosseo”