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Letter From Developers #12: 05/09/17

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  • Letter From Developers #12: 05/09/17

    Hello, players.

    Chosseo from Crusader’s Quest team here. It’s been a while!

    It is already May and I hope spring has sprung wherever you’re enjoying Crusader’s Quest.

    Now, let me give you some updates from Hasla.

    First, we are improving UI/UX for your convenience.

    - So far, Hero Tome and Hero Management have listed the heroes in a different order.

    From now on, all heroes will be first arranged in the same order as they appear in the tome in the following menus: Hero Management, Form Team, Weapon, Skill Lab, Battle Ready, Support Hero, Champion’s Stats, and Exploration. Also, filters have been added so you can arrange heroes based on class, rank and force in Hero Management.

    - Do you remember how you can see how much reinforcement your hero got from berries in form of stat colors? It was hard to tell when you max the berry reinforcement of a hero because the color was not clear enough. We changed the color to orange so you can easily see if a hero’s berry reinforcement has reached maximum.

    - In the hero details section, class info will be replaced by hero division. (Legendary, Contract, Promote, Normal, Hidden and Supply.)

    - When moving to the Gear menu directly from a hero’s Detailed Info, you will be redirected to the hero’s class in the Gear menu.

    The next change is in the Mercenary Passive Bonus.

    Mercenary Passive is a system that gives you advantages based on the number of heroes you lead. We have thoroughly reviewed if this system has been effective enough to motivate players and decided to delete Mercenary Passive Bonus. Also, the system used to increase server load time. The good news is that all benefits from the passive bonus are provided to all players as listed below.

    - Meat storage increases from 10 to 21 for Player level 1.

    - Meat charging time decreases from 420 seconds to 360 seconds.

    - Basic Dungeon key storage increases from 10 to 15.

    - The maximum number of Honor Box purchases has gone up from 4 to 7.

    Skill Block icons for the following heroes will be redesigned to fit their skill effect and overall hero concept better.

    - Absolute Devil Vivian

    - Archon of Enlightened

    - Nine Tail Fox Yeowoodong

    - Bone Dragon Gon
    2 New Monuments will be added!

    Find the hidden monuments and build up your collection!

    New skins added for following heroes.

    - CaptainB. Sworden

    - Hawk Eye Rahima

    - Armed Maid Tia

    - Mondrian the Savant

    - Neth Army Officer Yuria

    As you know, the Crusader’s Quest Dev team is always adjusting game balance consistently and this coming update will include balance patches of some heroes that are listed below. The details of the changes will be unveiled to you in the next patch note.

    - Steel knight Joan of Arc

    - Dark Knight Lionel

    - Captain B. Sworden

    - Emperor Alexander

    - Hector of Steel

    - Archon of Enlightened

    - Freezing Sasquatch

    - Nightingale of Light

    The appearances of 3 special skills, Avatar of Punishment, Avatar of Protection and Incarnation of Benevolence, have changed.

    Heroes no longer change to their appearance to just Avatars. Instead, a hero who uses these skills will be 1.4 times bigger in size and radiate an aura of its own color.

    In addition, the skills’ block icons will be redesigned, and the skill names will be changed to Spirit of Vengeance, Spirit of Protection and Spirit of Benevolence.

    The following Special Skills’ activation timing will be adjusted.

    - Overflowing Determination

    - Shout of Courage

    - Light of Grace

    - Revolution Hammer

    - Thorns of Vengeance

    - Float like a Butterfly, Sting like a Bee!

    - Swift Attack

    - Bullet Improvement!

    - Support Barrage

    - Mana Shield

    - Call of Darkness

    - Flame Spirit

    - Mysterious Fog

    - Shadow Mage

    - Mana Recycle

    - Protection of the Goddess

    - Smile of the Goddess

    - Resurrection

    - Energy of Goddess

    Monster patterns in the Holy Cities in Ep. 7 have partially been changed.

    - Divine Light of Order of the Lion Cavalry does not cancel buffs.

    - Priestess of the White Lion’s Breath of Ice can now freeze all heroes.

    - The condition to cancel Priestess of the White Lion’s Breath of Ice has changed from 2 of 1 chain to 5 of 1 blocks.

    This is just a preview of new changes coming soon in the next update.

    The Crusader’s Quest Dev team is currently working on new content and the upcoming date is a part of preparation for them. We hope everyone is excited about the update and new content of Crusader’s Quest and we will do our very best to meet your expectations.

    Thank you,


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    Nice, looking forward to the update!