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Letter From Developers #13: 06/13/17

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  • Letter From Developers #13: 06/13/17

    Developer’s Letter #13

    Greetings Crusaders,
    This is Chosseo from the Crusader’s Quest team.

    Summer time is finally here, and our developers have many exciting updates planned for you!

    The first update will be UI/UX improvements.
    - You can now check battle stats from <Scenario, Fortress of Souls, Ancient Dungeon, and ‘Legend of Primal Flames’> battle result pages. You may open hero and team battle information. This will be helpful in creating a party with efficient, balanced stats.
    - A new scroll feature has been added so that the tooltip with longer descriptions will no longer leave the screen.
    - An issue with the scrolling feature where the scroll resets to the top of the page from the Manage Hero and Message Box screens has been fixed.
    - An animation directing to the Lobby icon upon closing the Promotion Store and Heroic Deal pop-up screens will no longer appear.
    - An icon that says ‘Exploring’ now appears from the < Hero Management, Supply Hero, and Organize an Expedition Party> screen. This icon looks like a compass with a shortcut button that directs the players to the expedition when promoting or supplying heroes in expedition mode.
    - We have improved the message box and quest screens to check through notifications. This will allow users to directly navigate to tabs with new info.

    The following information is about display aspect ratio changes.
    Crusaders Quest used to support devices with either 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratios, but after noticing that user experience may vary depending on the aspect ratio, we have fixed it to 16:9 regardless of different screen sizes.
    - Devices that are longer than 16:9 aspect ratio will get a black border on left and right side.
    - Devices that are shorter than 16:9 aspect ratio will get a black border on the top and bottom.
    - Devices with 16:9 aspect ratio will not see any difference in the display.
    - The practice mode button has been moved to the bottom depending on the fixed aspect ratio.

    Next up are improvements to contracts.
    Unlike the Golden Contract (or 10 Premium Contracts), our contract packages previously did not offer rewards when a player gets a duplicate hero from the contract.

    Now you can earn bread just like you do for Golden Contracts, when you get a duplicate hero from the contract purchased via in-app purchases, jewels, or points.

    Now let’s talk about the max slot limit for various items including heroes.
    We had initially avoided a sharp increase in load time by reducing the number of slots for heroes and items. But load issues will be improved with this update, so here are the new max slot limits:
    - Hero Slots: 350 > 500
    - Weapon Slots: 300 > 400
    - Bread Slots: 200 > 300
    - Ring Slots: 200 > 300
    - Berry Slots: 150 > 300

    Many of our Crusaders have shared their opinions about updates to the practice mode.
    We will update the practice mode after a number of thorough discussions and plans. Here’s what you can expect from the update:
    - As you enter practice mode, you can choose 7 different scarecrows, with each unlocking upon clearing a certain number of stages.
    - You will see many different options added to the scarecrows. This will also allow them to attack. You may be able to change the following options: [Physical, magic, neutral attacks / Defenses: heal, recovery amount / Evasion, attack speed / Change practice mode background]
    - You can change team members and the scarecrow during practice mode.

    A costume is being renewed for Joan of Arc. Meet Joan of Arc, Knight of Roses with a completely different look!

    New skins are also being added.
    - Imagine Sien reviving through science not through alchemy or spells. Experience Franken Sien’s terror!
    - With fleeting arrows like the wind, and fearless attitude, don’t you think Sigruna’s Indian name would have been “Brave Wind?”
    - The party never ends when Viola is with her ghost friends! Join the Ghost Party with Viola.
    - Fireeee! Saiga with incredible cannon skills is looking great as a pirate. Red Pirate Saiga starts his voyage.
    - Cats, especially black cats are great at being sneaky. Lupeow the Black Cat, nimble unlike any wizard, is watching you from the shadows.
    - If only Faust had concentrated on his research without getting wanderlust… he would have become Dr. Faust the genius!

    New hero stories will be added.
    - Rair’s Financial Management
    - Let’s Try Again!
    - To whom does this helmet belong to?

    A new hero is coming to the Hasla. Join him and start a journey together.
    The Enlightened Sea Otter which used to be a normal hero turns into a master hero! Better yet, he’s a promotion hero!

    - Frost Hunter Raven (Hunter)
    - Universe Otter (Wizard)

    Don’t forget the new champion!
    ‘Agrios’ is a new champion from the Roman forces assisting the heroes atop his Chimera, Palor.
    ‘Agrios’ is specialized in ‘Physical Defense’ attributes.

    We will continue to balance Hasla in upcoming updates.
    The following hero skills (or Soulbound weapon skills) are being changed:

    - Vincent’s skills and Soulbound weapon
    - Mandy’s skills and Soulbound weapon
    - Who's down for a Camp Fire? Come meet Demona, the Camping Expert!
    - Hmm, I wonder how Wolfgang's bread is like! Taste the delicious bread baked by tough guy Baker Wolfgang!

    Also, animations and other effects will be changed for Noel’s passive skills.

    That is it for now.
    Stay tuned for future updates!

    Crusaders Quest Team