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Letter From Developers #14: 07/14/17

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  • Letter From Developers #14: 07/14/17

    Hello, players.

    This is chosseo from Crusader’s Quest team for our 14th developer’s letter.
    As always, let me keep you in loop with the new content and updates in Crusader’s Quest.

    First, we made some improvements for your convenience.
    - A ‘Filter’ has been added to the Weapon Management menu.
    - In Weapon Management, Sell, Salvage, and Upgrade, Forge buttons will be changed. Weapon/Ring taps are relocated.

    - When baking is completed, it automatically scrolls to the oven used last time.

    - Touching the X button in a Scenario Stage Select and Colloseum main screen now leads you to the previous screen.
    - The order of Champion list has changed.
    - You can see hero information in this order: Hero, Hero Tome> Hero Tome Details> SBW Details.
    - You can see weapon information in this order (update applied only for SBWs): Weapon Tome, Chatting >
    Weapon Details > Hero Tome Details
    - In SBW Tome details, it now shows only SBW options.

    Also, we have improved World Boss and Friendly Duels.

    Friendly Duel will be gradually updated to prepare the system for the future PvP mode.

    World Boss
    - A button has been added to quit during random matching.
    - A retry button has been added to the game result screen.
    - In the game result screen, the amount of Meat is displayed. If you don’t have enough meat, you can directly move to the Shop.
    - A new button has been added to move the player directly to the waiting room.

    Friendly Duel
    - A button has been added to quit during random matching.

    - If the ready button is not selected after random matching, the game will start automatically after countdown.
    - A r
    etry button has been added to the match results screen.
    - A button has been added to move directly to the Duel Main screen.
    - When the opponent team is matched, the teams will be facing each other.
    - Friendly Duel daily quests have been added.

    Primal Flames daily quests are also added in this update.

    Now, let me introduce you to our newly added champions and heroes.

    New Champion ‘Noa’ (The Order of Goddess)
    - New Champion ‘Noa’ from the Order of Goddess has been added. ‘Noa’ specializes in resistance. The higher ally’s total resistance, the more powerful she becomes. We promise you will fall in love with this awesome new champion Noa!

    Newly Added Heroes
    - Momotaro (Hunter) : An animal loving boy, Momotaro. He is more powerful with other people rather than alone. He is on his way to fight the demon with his animal friends!
    Bari (Priest) : Priest Bari heals allies with the power of flowers. Meet Bari and her magical white flower!
    Fenrir (Paladin) : A mixed-blood of human and werewolf, Fenrir, has come to Hasla. In the night, she turns into a beast that frightens even herself.

    New skins added.
    - Lionel becomes mystic when ‘Lionel of the Opera’ starts singing.
    - The job requires a strict and righteous man. Just like Hector. ‘Police Captain Hector.’
    - Imagine if Lorelei was materialistic… she would’ve been so rich! Bling bling ‘Treasure Hunter’!
    - They are such a good pair with Yeowoodong! Look at the tail of ‘Fox Spirit Giparang’
    - If Alice had met Yichui, would she have chased her? ‘Yichui in Wonderland’
    - The basics of being a socialite is to attend ball dances, isn’t it? ‘Seiren of the Ball’

    New hero stories have been added.
    Woompa! Mamba!
    Teacher and Student
    - Incurable

    Illustrations for following heroes have been added.
    - Dox
    - Lupeow
    - Mundeok

    Finally, balance adjustments and new SBWs! SBWs of the following heroes have been added and some details are adjusted.
    - Viola skill adjusted/SBW added
    - Scarlet skill adjusted/SBW added
    - Violet SBW added

    Also, we know that many of you are very interested in Season 2. The Crusader’s Quest Dev team is working hard day and night to present Season 2 to you as soon as possible. In Season 2, there will be a lot of new content and changes so we hope you are as excited as we are.

    Thank you,