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Wich hero needs soulbond weapon the most?

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  • Wich hero needs soulbond weapon the most?

    The first soulbond weapon wich the game gives for free isn't always Leon's, a friend of mine got Mew's, so i think i can chose which heroes soulbond i get first.
    So if my theory is right which 6 star hero is the most useful with his soulbond weapon? (focusing mostly for world boss runs)
    Assume i have every promotion hero and Viper. (at the moment have Leon,viper,r-9999,Mew,Yeowoodong, stanya, nurspy, maxi, spiny, crow and nazrune. farming for achilles and spyro.)
    Ps. My theory is that the game gives you the weapon for the team that you are using at the moment so if i use a 5 star hero that i like and 2 one star heroes at the last run i hope to get the weapon for that 5 star.

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      i want allegro asai too much but i cant find i spent 40 k iron and i have too many balrog :P