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Season 2.... I have a few questions!?

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  • Season 2.... I have a few questions!?

    I'm a little confused on how Season two will proceed. I know it comes out near the end of this year. PERFECT!

    Is this a massive update? or an entirely new downloadable game?

    Is everything we have transferred over? I.e. Gem count/ gold/ iron/ heroes/ SBW/ items and so on?

    I was a little confused on the last Developers letter we got yesterday (see below)

    "Right now, the "Inheritance" development team and I are working hard to provide updates to the game. It will soon be Crusaders Quest's 3rd anniversary along with celebrating the "Inheritance" update. Pre-registration events will be along the way too so please wait just a bit longer. I'm also "Inheritance" working hard and fast and to release the new contents to everyone soon. Well then, we will see everyone again on the next letter!"

    Specifically the "pre-registration"

    I'm sorry this question is a little preemptive since updates will be coming soon.

    Thank you CQ team

    A loyal Crusader since week 1