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Twille and Ana?????

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  • Twille and Ana?????

    so ... I've been playing this game for a long time ... but it has something to do with my account ... I spent more than 210 gems on my account, more than 30 chances and just came two twillie .. my this is impossible, why and only 2 heroes, my in the event of the hero aldo until I understand why I did not catch the dana, it was many heroes, but in this current I got two twillie ... seriously if this is not really bug I do not know what it is ... I have 5 more chance until Tuesday, if I can not give up on morale I spent $ 300 and nothing? this is an event that will probably never come back ... and I'm left without the character I wanted by luck? How lucky are these characters to drop them? more than 30 chance came the same character? What is the logic of this? I really discouraged game from 2014 this time I think about stopping because of it ...