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    Hey. I have been playing this game ever since it came out ( I believe 3 years ago?) and I am just in love with it, but I would uninstall and download the game from time to time to see what is new. My first account (username: raalbjmc) was created the year the game was in the playstore. The game has significantly changed. I was there for that one arena game mode of the Goddess Monsters. That was fun. I have decided to create a new account and it's two days old, and I have made faster progress than my old account. My old account is stuck, I keep getting the same hero I have unlocked over and over again. It frustrated me so I created a new account. What I'm saying here is that new players have more advantage to getting a headstart when the players from 3 years ago had to work, and give up their time to attain what they want to achieve in the game. I'm not saying my time was wasted, my time was very well spent. I'm saying is that I feel that it's a little unfair to give them bonuses but I like the concept. (sorry if it's confusing). But anyways, I will always be here to support the game. Please add a new story soon! can't wait!