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Hypotetical Episodes Mock-Up!

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  • Hypotetical Episodes Mock-Up!

    Hi there, fellow crusaders! I'd like to share with you the results of a work I began a few weeks ago.

    After my reply into the thread Expanded storyline and history of the Empire? my mind was set in motion and I decided to work on a few what if concept images to better convey the idea I had about some hypotetical new episodes. With the real episode 7 on its way, I rushed to finish this series of "What IF" episodes that I thought back there. Hope you all enjoy!
    Fictional Heroes included, because why not?

    The Dead Plains

    A new chapter centered on Sylunis and her final attempt to control the apostles may be very interesting, a chance to explore her background and the reasoning that brought her to that risky plan. A huge chance to expand Aubrey as well.

    I'd love to see a "OhmygodwhathaveIdone" moment from Sylunis, snapping out of the corruption she displayed and unlock her as seventh usable goddess just before the real final boss of the episode.
    Sylunis playable because a) she has an awesome design and be visible only on cutscenes so far is a waste!(Maybe she should have a new sprite with not corrupted eyes like she has in the artwork when playable though) b) It would be nice to see her realize she's been controlled and manipulated through all these years from the real big bad, and develop both her and Aubrey at the same time.

    The Neth Capital

    The ending of Tundra Hard mode shows us who is behind the assumed 'leftover' steamers. None other than the Neth Empire (and the betrayer that gives you skills in town.) Given Stein and Stanya's relations with time travel, the Sentinel, and the Neth Empire, it's easy to see an entire chapter dedicated to the Neth's empire intent on expansion. It could be easily integrated into the Apostle story by putting their Emperor/Empress under Apostle control, or be an Apostle himself/herself.
    For the stage, it would a fantasy-like city with a mix of industrial/steampunk polluted background, with new steamer models and Neth Soldiers as opponents.

    The Sky Ruins

    What happens to that Manacar after he/she flees in the end of the Manacar arc? How about a full chapter in a floating sanctuary in the sky filled with statues under his/her control? A huge chance to deepen the story of Roland and the other Legendary heroes involved in the Manacar storyline, not to mention see more signs of the hidden corruption in the Order of the Goddesses.

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    I think this is a really good Idea!! I would be looking forward to it.... even though I am still at episode 1(Hard Mode)