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  • Could use some advice

    Hi guys, recently I started playing, and I have some doubts about what should I focus on. I got handfull of heroes from promoting 3* units. Here is what I have now:
    5* Leon lvl 48 +3
    4* R-9999, Nazrune, Yeowoodong, Sentinel D, Mew, Pirate Drake, Robin Hood and Kaori, all around lvl 40 but not trained.

    I'm currently stuck on stage 4-15. Not sure if I should focus on promoting Leon to 6*, or should I promote some more units to 5* first. I'm thinking about focusing on Leon, Mew and Robin or Nazrune, but maybe I can create better team. Since I can't beat 4-15 I'm mainly farming 4-12. Any advice about what should I focus on?

    Btw, my ingame name is Musoniusz, if anyone have free space on friendlist I could really use some strong friends in this game
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    Mew is a great place to start for sure. You definitely need a really strong healer. If you upgrade Yeowoodong to 5* as well, you unlock the Energy of Goddess special skill for priests, which is going to be insanely helpful to you!

    I went to add you as a friend, but it says Musonius hasn't logged in in four days, and the character picture is a 3* Leon at level 5. That's the only person that shows up when I search for "Mus". Do you know what might be up there?


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      Im sorry, forgot I tried to reroll once. Thats my first account. My active one is called Musoniusz . Yeah I noticed Mew heals better than Yeo, so she will be my main healer for some time. Leon will be main tank, so I just need dps, and cant really decide between Nazrune and Robin, I also got Giparang from the Yeo questline. Who will be my best option in PvE stages?


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        I tend toward nazrune, since his/her passive can debuff the enemies. but I a not sure which skill you should give him, since I guess you dont have magic storm or shadow mage yet


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          Ok, I sent a friend request! I've currently got my Chai on, but I've been debating swapping her out for someone else. Go ahead and peruse my heroes and if you see one you'd like to use, I may switch out for a while.


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            Some time passed, I got more units, mainly through promoting 3*, but also got lucky and got 2 contract only heroes. At the moment my rooster looks like this:

            6* Devil Bullet 9 - lvl 43, currently lvling her.

            5* Leon
            5* Robin Hood
            5* Mew
            5* Nazrune
            5* Gon
            5* Archon

            4* R-9999
            4* Nazrune - dupe, not sure what to do with her.
            4* Maxi
            4* Kaori
            4* Giparang
            4* Susano
            4* Drake
            4* Yeowoodong
            4* Vincent

            At the moment I am mainly using team 9/Mew/Leon, with leader on 9 or Mew, depending on need (more offence or more sustain). Im somewhere in the middle of chapter 3 hard. Currently stuck, I often have problems with enemy healing too fast, or my team dying if I want go go full offence. Maybe my 9 need some more levels, or I could work on 6* Leon. I'm thinking about raising Drake to create team with more defence 9/Mew/Drake, but I'm also close to getting Alexander from his quest, so maybe he would be a better pick. I also like Archon and think about 6* him, but he seems to fill similar role to my 9, so I probably should do it later, after I 6* tank and healer. There are also some units I would like to 5* just to get skills for other units (Maxi, Yeo, Giparang).

            In PVP I'm able to barely get to masters league, using mainly Leon/Robin Hood/9, or Leon/Mew/9.

            I love the new weapon dungeon event. Got Red Falchion yesterday and couple of 5* swords. Today I'm hunting for 6* hammer, already have 2 Golden Axes (they seems to be great weapon for more defense oriented palladins).


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              Archon, Mew and Drake is a pretty strong team you can go for.


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                9, mew, drake would be nice too~
                Drake give crit buff and activate shield if you can crit with 3 chain on 9
                Account Name: Dazmont
                Feel free to add~~
                Give me a pm in this forum so that i will know who you are~


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                  Just broke through to chapter 4 hard and got Alexander. Also got Thor from promotion, and now I'm torn between Alex, Thor and Drake. I like that Thor can do his thing without the need of being 6*, so I will probably start by 5* him.


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                    Thor has major offense, Alex has major defense. But as you noted, Thor works pretty great at even 5*.

                    Are you getting any use out of my Chai, or should I trade her out for someone else?


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                      My Mew is doing decent job healing, I could use your Roland, I lack defensive friends.


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                        One Roland, coming up!

                        Edit: There you go, Roland is now my main.


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                          You want drake with some tidal wave power? I have added in game.


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                            Sure, added you. Right now I can get the most use out of tank friends. I have 6* 9 as dps, and 5* Mew that can heal decently, all I lack is decent tank. Currently working on my own Drake, training to +4 takes a lot of time...