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Why am I still losing please help

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  • Why am I still losing please help

    Is there any reason that I am still losing in masters with all 6 star Archon mew and alex. Archon at +4 and mew and alex at +3 and with transcended mana recycle and still losing. This makes no sense and it is starting to annoy me.

    Edit: Well first of all the only people i face are people in masters with high + on their characters. I lose to leon with excalibur a lot paired with Nazarene. Teams with more than 1 hunter(usually sneak, etc) because they kill alex too fast. Honestly any team that kills alex too fast is problematic. And yes aunt is a counter to this team I know.

    Weapons. This is prob where I have the most problems. I haven't been able to get good wizard or priest weapons. Guess I have to wait for a different Wb

    Archon has Mermaid staff with 2 resistance penetration (+287 and +159)

    Mew has snow fragment with +71 resistance and +92 Armor

    Alex has Locum's hammer with Mx hp +575 and armor +115

    The people I fight most of the team have such good teams I really need to starting pulling more premium contracts so I can get better heros. these are my heros btw

    6 star; Archon, mew, alex, leon, nazrune

    5 star: yeo, achilles, R-1

    4 star: giparang, thor, kaori, uzimant, crow, korin. monte, drake, rachel
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    Alex-Mew-Archon is a good team but it's not the best (is there even a "best team" tho). In Colo Archon's build-up is too slow compared to some heroes like No.9 and Viper, so burst teams can take you down. Might wanna add what teams you lost to and what weapons you have.
    Edit: OH I forgot. If the enemy goddess is Anut then that's what may be giving you trouble.
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      The AI is cheating at times. They can instantly build a perfect 3 blocks before you do...
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        Yep, it's the freaking AI. I just lost a few matches myself (way more than before the patch) and I'm feeling extremely salty myself, so forgive me if I my opinion seems be erring on the side of a rant .

        There's just way too many issues with PvC right now that has been said to death already, so no point in listing them again. The best advice I can give is to try and get some of the OP SBWs that are making up the meta now; either that or wait out the storm until (if it ever happens) the devs "fix" these "bugs". There's not too many "jack-of-all-trades" team now, besides those with powerful SBW such as Hanzo, Himiko, etc. It's best to just try and branch out your teams to try and cover all different situations, such as using backline hitters against Roland. Honestly, Alex just doesn't cut it anymore; it might just be me but it feels like he's paper at the moment (unless the AI uses him, well the AI can abuse just about any unit honestly).


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          It isn't a problem on your end. The AI has been ridiculous since the new patch. Anyone who tells you otherwise is simply lying through their teeth. Anyone who thinks that the enemy using Avatar of Protection within 3 seconds of each activation to three hit kill your entire team is delusional. Another instance would be how an AI Cano can destroy your entire team in about 7 seconds with complete disregard for whatever comp you use.


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            Oh my god I finally ran into AI Cano today and it ended so poorly so quickly I was too stunned to even blink for a few seconds afterwards.