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    Bow dungeon out now! Good luck, use a strong back line that can withstand magic (high magic resist) or simple use 3 pally


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      I used Mew(eog) / Roland(soi) / Thor(soi) with Anut for all floor 3 weapon dungeon.
      Roland as leader, just watch boss sp meter when it fills up use a SOI, then use anut to reduce damage while sp refills.

      I wasn't paying attention once and had mew get knocked out in the beginning, but Roland and Thor managed just fine on their own.
      There's no need for sbw with this team, but Thor's would make it go faster.


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        I was totally sleepy when I went into weapon dungeon last night and didn't notice it had changed to bow dungeon. Got my ash handed to me when I tried to use Mewthorin.

        Later today I'll try something like Roland/Chai/R-0. If I get R-0 leveled up enough. Even though it's slightly less ideal to use Roland's block in 3-chains, it will give me a lot of SoIs to use.


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          I used my experimental sp drain team Koxinga/Nurspy/R-0 and worked 80% of the time.. Koxinga/Mew/R-0 worked even better maybe 90% of the time.. not full proof, enemy can still charge up sp from time to time if the cycle juggling of sp drain gets wasted or not enough correct blocks get produced.. just waiting for a priest crusader with sp drain passive in the future and it would make my team awesome!


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            Ordeal of Staff is back up (10/12/2015), and I'm wondering if +4 Alex (L) / +3 Himiko / [insert DPS] will work against Floor 3 Dorothy. No SBWs.

            That team composition worked 100% of the time against Ordeal of Gun F3 D'Art from sheer ability to spam Shield of Invincibility.

            UPDATE: +4 Alex (L) / +3 Himiko / MAX Leon works, but it takes about 5 whole minutes of constant attention. I ran close to dying a few times, but overall, it had just enough damage to whittle through Dorothy's life-steal bursts. Just have to activate SoI or Sera right before the attack comes, so she deals 0 damage and heals nothing.

            Trying to find a better DPS alternative who can piggy-back off of Alex's 3-chains. I know Dorothy has high resistance (which is why I chose Leon), but I don't have any other 6* physical attackers, and I'm not sure if my 6* magic attackers will fair much better (or survive, for that matter since they're invariably more fragile that Warriors).
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              Ordeal of Orb is up (10/13/2015).

              Any team suggestions that don't involve SBWs or Legendary Heroes?

              I'm considering using MAX Leon / +3 R-1 or Achilles / +3 Himiko (EoG) or MAX Nurspy (Blood Donation). This is just for Stage 2.

              Stage 3, I imagine will be impossible with any of combination of my heroes, at present; simply bc Maria practically 100% insta-heals.


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                For these dungeon I have varying strategies depending on the enemy, but I always have a reliable chance to win consistently.
                Dionne is my go to goddess to reliably damage them and give me breathing space with her 50% miss chance.
                Note: The hero listed first in a team is the leader.

                Sword -- Leon
                Against Leon I opted to SP drain him so that his insane damage can't be triggered at all.
                Unfortunately his attacks are so strong I can't survive them if caught unprepared, so a perma SoI team risks a wipe at your first error or bad block sequence.
                In the end Mew(EoG), R0 (Fire Rain) and Alex (SoI) does the trick.
                It should be easy to save a SoI for the few times Leon manages to cast something.

                Hammer -- Kriem
                Kriem is much more straightforward than Leon as her SP regeneration feels slow enough for me to handle. I found I can keep up with her attacks with my usual SoI team: Kriem (SoI), Alex (SoI), Mew (Eog) does the trick, with enough shields to ignore most of her assaults for an easy win.
                In the small window you have no SoI available, this team should be able to handle one attack, and have enough time to recover.

                Bow -- Sigruna
                If possibe Sigruna's SP regeneration is the fastest of the bunch, she is able to utterly destroy you with a barrage of powered attacks...
                Much like Leon, I beat her using SP drain.
                Mew(EoG), R0 (Fire Rain) and Alex (SoI) works just like against Leon.

                Gun -- D'Artagnan
                I deal with D'Artagnan with my usual SoI team. It's just like Kriem. Timing the SoI to the bar works wonders. The only thing to do is to pay attention to her SP bar when it speeds up: She's going to pull out 2 attacks in rapid succession, with a third as soon as the SP bar reloads for a second time faster than normal.
                For me Kriem (SoI), Alex (SoI), Mew (Eog) works no problem.

                Staff -- Dorothy
                To me Dorothy's fight works just like Kriem, with a small addition: When she uses her passive attack she is able to remove SoI's effect from your team, opening you for a follow up. In addition when she triggers Sasquatch's soulbound's passive there is a small chance that the attack repeats itself up to 3 times.
                Timing SoI's usage to her special bar always allow you to shrug off everything she throws at you, and you harldy find yourself without one to use.
                Kriem (SoI), Alex (SoI), Mew (Eog) worked great.

                Orb -- Maria
                Personally I find she is the strongest of the opponents you face in the weapon dungeon.
                Her healing ability is outright incredible, with an SP regeneration that is on par with Sigruna. Maria can flood herself with heals and you with priest damage skills.
                I haven't tried SP draining, since I had Melissa available to negate her heals, but it probably works fine.
                At any rate a team with Melissa completely shuts herself down and allows you to kill her rather easily.
                I ran with Melissa (Eog), Achilles (SoI) and Necron (Flame Spirit). The damage was all delegated to Necron's spirit (that attacks with 3 chains) and Dionne, with Achilles there to reduce Maria's SP's regeneration and damage to compliment Melissa.
                I perfected this strategy as I now have Mundeok in my roster, making it even faster and easier.
                Mundeok (SoI), Melissa (Eog), Necron (Flame Spirit): Mundeok turns the battle into a 3-chain spam, with Melissa feeding him the blocks he needs to charge, and Necron's monster attacking like crazy.


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                  I used Melissa (resurrect) (L), Nightingale (resurrect) and D'Art (Lapis & Lazuli) with Dionne for goddess. The resurrect skills were mostly irrelevant; I chose Melissa to prevent Maria from healing and Gale to actually do the healing heavy lifting. D'Art, Dionne and Melissa were doing all the damage. For a few fights I kept accidentally bringing Aubrey so I actually had to use resurrect a few times, but once I remembered to bring Dionne I just had to keep feeding D'Art heals to keep her firing her 3-chains, and spam Melissa to keep Maria from healing up again.

                  I actually got old orbs this time, thank goodness.


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                    Here! hope this helps you guys on making your ordeal teams..
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                      failed to geht Koxinga during the "rate up" =P


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                        I popped in today and saw the weapons dungeons have been opened and realized I forgot to post the teams I used to finally beat the ordeal of bow (which also works nicely for staff if you were having a problem with that one). R-0 (L, Fire Rain), Dara (EoG)/Nightingale (Resurrection) and Joan (doesn't matter, but I use tDB on mine, helps with extra heals).

                        If you don't have Joan's SBW or your Joan is just a bit weak, use Nightingale (or another strong healer with resurrect, so you can bring Joan back quickly). If you have Joan's SBW or your Joan is pumped to withstand the damage, Dara's SP generation and extra blocks (due to EoG) are a big help. However, Dara is not mandatory for this team to work. I usually use Nightingale because my Joan is pretty neglected (only +1, no SBW, no berries). If you're not using Dara, 1-chain spam everyone, don't wait for 3-chains on R-0. In this setup, it doesn't matter which goddess you use. I've been using Anut lately just for funsies (and damage reduction). The safe bet is Sera, of course, and activate her if Sigruna's SP bar fills up due to bad block RNG.

                        I have also (accidentally, don't ask) used Mundeok (L) instead of Joan, which works just as well, since I can 3-chain R-0's blocks and get almost as many fire rains, plus the 3-chain benefits. With that particular setup, you could in theory equip everyone with lifesteal weapons, use Prestina and swap your healer for Achilles. With all the 3-chaining going on, your goddess bar will be full enough to regularly keep your team healed, and the SP drain will be ridiculous to the point of overkill. I don't usually do that, though. I like my healer safety net, even if I have the occasional SP bar fill-up snafu.