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  • Choose the best team for PVE

    I'm rather new and i need a team that could let me finish the PVE quests.

    Which of these teams (assuming just one 6* and two 5*, i don't think i could max everyone) do you think could make it?
    1) Hikari, Yeow (L), Achilles
    2) Hikari, Mew, Leon (L)
    3) Korin (L), Mew, Achilles
    4) Other?

    These are my heroes:
    5* Korin, Hikari, Leon
    4* R9999, Mew, Yeow, Nurspy, Stein, Woompa, Achilles, Giparang, Uzimant

    Plus i'll have a 6* hero in 2 days from the event... which one would be better for an overall gain?
    I was thinking on getting one of the super rares: Sneak / Lilith... Probably Sneak?
    Could i manage to put it into my PVE team?

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    Number 3. Having Korin at 6* gives your team a shield which really helps get you through the PvE levels. You could swap out Achilles for Hikari, though, and Mew could be your tank.


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      OK thanks!
      As for the event reward? Do you think Sneak 6* could be the best choice or there is someone better to get? Not thinking about a specific team, just the more useful/rare/whatever
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        Sneak/Viper has has heavy damage and would be a great addition to anyone's team so he is very recommended. He is also a 1 chain spammer so he fits in with a lot of teams.
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          Thanks for the help!


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            Finally manged to promote Korin to 6*.
            Now she's in her 50s and it's a rush in PVE/PVP!
            That damage shield is awesome!

            I also luckily got Korin's SBW as my 1st SBW (Lantern)! I'm trying to get enough crystals to get it to 5* then 6* (this SBW is really OP at max level... +50% shield and undispellable!)
            Sadly i got FF as my weapon conversions... i rolled Life Steal +8%, Crit Chance +8% for now... do you think i should reroll? Which conversions should i try to get?

            Also got Sneak 6* as the 10m event reward, still leveling him, but for now (6* lvl 45) i'm undecided if it's better than Hikari (5* lvl 50).
            Probably his real strenght will come out with transcended Western Gunner, which will allow him to ALWAYS do 3-chains with single blocks.
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              DD or AD for Korin sbw

              Sneak kills and dies easily, lol. More useful in PVC
              Hikari is better in PVE
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                Well i can't reroll the options on Korin sbw, at least not for now so i'll have to stick to FF, i was just wondering if there is something better then the upgrades i got (surely is, but my account isn't even level 30+)

                As for Sneak, i don't find him so squishy with a 3000+ hp shield recastable every 2 secs... i'll look better into it, usually hikari piercing arrow is awesome on the mobs, but for bosses (single target) i found Sneak more powerful


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                  Life steal on Korin's lantern is actually literally a lifesaver and will help you use her to solo levels in Volcano hard while you level up new heroes. So, don't worry too much.