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  • Soltar strike back

    Hi Crusaders! Soltar is really a hard boss. I didnt manage to beat him yet, since you have only limited tried per day and his damage out put is just sick.
    Has anyone already good experience or strategie against him?

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    Unfortunately at the moment I can't provide a solution on how to beat Soltar. So far all my attempts ended with a wipe on the first few "Vane Infinity Combo Breaker of Doom" that seems to reiterate itself until your team dies.

    In the few occasion my team resisted that barrage, he just make a vortex or simply uses it again and I die.

    Most notable tries I did:

    Korin(MR) Mew(EoG) Thor(SoI) Anut -> close to instant wipe at the first Vane Combo Breaker
    I'm not sure if that "debuff" attack that repeats Vane's animation over and over removes Korin's barriers, but I get that impression. I also have the perception that the attack lasts longer the more buff it removes...but it may be my mind trying to rationalize that insane damage sequence.

    Kriem(SoI) Alex(SoI) Mew(EoG) Sera-> The combo breaker kills me at the first instant SoI or Sera isn't active. Alex is instantly destroyed as he takes damage from the others, that will follow suit on the next vane pulse.
    His immunity to Stun makes Kriem unviable, as she doesn't buy time to stack up enough SoI's to resist that endless barrage of vane barrages.
    Nevertheless, this is the team that lasted longer for me so far, until he gets to a point where the screaming purple pillars never end...

    Melissa(Eog) Himiko(AoB) Achilles(SoI) Anut -> Doesn't matter you're using 2 heroes and a goddess aimed at damage prevention, he utterly destroys this team at the first Vane combo breaker, that for some reason seems to last even longer than normal so that he can kill me despite area heal and 3 damage debuffs active on him.

    Archon(MR) Nightingale(Res) Roland(SoI) Anut -> Incredibly this team survives through the Vane pulses, but dies right after at the first lack of blocks. Soltar attacks incredibly maybe he ignores debuffs entirely...

    I tried to use R0 for SP drain but to no avail, she dies too fast to even check if she may work...
    Also Dionne seemingly doesn't remove 5% health to him when used, ironing her out from the possible choices in the right team...


    At the moment, from what I read online it seems that people who managed to win did it with strong teams and fully powered soulbound weapons...
    This is a bummer of sorts: Soltar is on paper the first place to gather iron properly, but he is so ridicolously oriented to a powered up sbw team that right now I have the perception he is kind of useless.

    He gives out an incredibly small amount of iron compared to how hard he is, and he provides iron to people that already have the RIGHT soulbound weapons already built.

    It's like "He drops the breadcrumbs you require to forge the weapons you need to beat him. But you can't beat him, so go get breadcrumbs elsewhere to forge the weapons you require to get some breadcrumbs you'll probably don't need anymore by then."

    Soltar definitely isn't a source of iron for the average player, unless you are incredibly lucky to have the soulbounds you need to cheese your way through. But in that case, you probably don't need the iron he provides anymore.

    In other words my current perception is that as long as I lack the right set of SBWs to cheese him (and it may take me months or more!) I will be locked out of some pieces of lore they added and secondarily out of the only guaranteed iron source actually existing in game.

    I realize that at the moment this is more of a rant than anything else, but hopefully there is a way to beat him without the right set of SBWs. I will keep trying and posting the strategy I'll find out if and when I'll kill him.

    At any rate, any suggestion on viable strategies (possibly without SBWs) is appreciated.


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      I have Lilith(tMS + SBW), Mew(SoG + SBW) and Himiko(the Godess summon skill) + Sera. This is the team where I can get Soltar down to half of his energy.
      But as you said, as soon as your block is not right, or dont have Sera at the right moment or he is going crazy, you die.
      SP draining isnt really useful since his normal attacks is bad enough to deal with.
      Korin somehow doesnt work by Soltar, she died also with the first wave of pillar.
      Lets see if there is a trick or a proper strategy.


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        Originally posted by Sota View Post

        Korin(MR) Mew(EoG) Thor(SoI) Anut -> close to instant wipe at the first Vane Combo Breaker
        does korin has 6* sbw? maybe you can try himiko instead of mew to reduce soltar's damage
        i don't have korin with sbw yet. the best combo i tried was
        d'art(tLL)+hanzo(AP)+Himiko(tEoG)+dionne all with 6* SBW
        i manage to reach 25% hp before wiped out, im gonna try with bella tommorow


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          No, at the moment my only sbw is Archon's.

          I wish I had Korin's. With stronger and unremovable shield, it would probably increase the chances of suvival, but as it is now, a pulse from that attack and her shield is destroyed.


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            I beat him with Thorin Mew team.. but well, all maxed out and have 6* sbw's though so.. used Sera as Goddess.. he is fairly easily beaten by said team guys.. maybe other comps can work but have not tried them out yet.. just giving insights on what i have experienced on the new FOS stage..


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              Originally posted by dummies85 View Post

              does korin has 6* sbw? maybe you can try himiko instead of mew to reduce soltar's damage
              i don't have korin with sbw yet. the best combo i tried was
              d'art(tLL)+hanzo(AP)+Himiko(tEoG)+dionne all with 6* SBW
              i manage to reach 25% hp before wiped out, im gonna try with bella tommorow
              and i failed, dionne is a better option IMHO evasion gives a better survival rate, korin without her SBW is a bit hard because of the dispel ability on soltar, but ill try again after i max out korin


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                I managed to win with: sneak(CB)+yewwoodoong(tEoG)*leader+roland(tSoI)+di onne
                Only sneak has 6*sbw
                The strategy is spamming dionne to make solstar miss his attacks. Im gonna try again tomorrow


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                  I have to say that after a few tries the go to goddess to increase your chances of survival through the barrage of attacks seems to be Dionne. On paper Anut should work just fine, but the missing chance of Dionne seems to be much better than halved damage this time. Soltar probably can't remove the miss chance.

                  I managed to get mew's soulbound to 5* and Korin/mew/thor's chance of survival greatly increased. Yet, I'm still unable to shield enough damage. Korin's sbw is probably a must for this team combination to succeed...


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                    I am not sure Dionne is doin' it for me. I don't have Mew or Yeo's SBWs right now (see, I need IRON for that, sigh... well, also old orbs... keep getting Gale's sbw) but I do have Korin's at 6*. I got the furthest with the Mewthorin combo the first time but Korin still bites it. Even when I'm spamming Dionne as much as possible. I got the next furthest when I did Korin/Gale/Himiko with Gale having resurrection and Himi having EoG. I was able to resurrect Korin and Himiko twice and keep going for a while, but eventually Soltar busts out some one-shot that shuts them all down. Dionne just doesn't seem to be cutting it.

                    I think I'll try Yeo/Mew/some chaser of some kind (suggestions?) or maybe D'Art tomorrow with Sera. I've used basically every single hero I have today and don't want to spend gems. Even though IRON.


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                      I have 2 teams that have successfully down the boss.

                      Mundeok (L) tSoI, Thor 6* SBW SoI, Mew 5* SBW tEoG with Dionne, just ensure SoI is up almost 10% and the boss will eventually dies.

                      Yeo (L) EoG, R-0 6* SBW tFR, Joan 6* SBW tWS with Sera, R-0 will keep draining bosses so he can't cast any special, but need to watch Joan health, if it hits 50%, use Sera from preventing his hp drop any further and the boss will eventually topple over.


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                        I managed to get pretty far today with Lilith SBW tMS, Mew SBW SoG, Roland AoP and Dionne. But I failed against when Soltar have around 10% heals cause Mew died. I have to figure out which time to use Dionne is most effective. And yeah, SoI on Roland would be nice. So I might level up another Roland for that =P


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                          I killed him once with roland (tAoP) and mew + sbw (tEoG) + aubrey
                          he hits me like only 30-230 per hit (but 230 from barrage attacks hurts a lot, and it doesn't work if roland needs to shoulder 3 persons' damage (with tAoP). tried it
                          next is lilith (tMS), mew (tEoG), stanya (tAoP) all with sbw + aubrey, even though works once, but it didn't work against next day so I leave it as that
                          then the one that wins twice in a row is hanzo (fire rain), yeo (tEoG), Joan (tDB) all with sbw + dionne. hard to kill them as long as joan has her protection along with yeo dodge and dionne debuff


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                            Any idea what kind of damage Soltar deals? Magical or physical?


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                              Managed to get soltar to 10% hp then his damage went wild like crazy.... will try sp draining team next