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grant lvl 4 strat help

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  • grant lvl 4 strat help

    I just tried to take down lvl 4 grant using korin mew roland and it went about as well as the hindenburg flight. I have a korin sbw dd max training on korin mew sbw dd and roland had soi. I was also using aubrey for seed removal and soi increase. Unfortunately he has a couple moves that have little to no warning that do instant dmg and can non crit for as much as 45000 per hero caught in blast. So far the only thong people said that works for them is using a korin with himi sbw ,which i dont have, or a team that can keep soi up forever which is also difficult to win with because those teams may have low dps and he heals for as much as 60k in a few seconds. I understand he is supposed to be hard but holy cow i feel like i have endgame teams and i cant come close to winning. Help and tips much appreciated dont feel likenwasting this much meat on him.

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    I too would like some help, but with a more low budget team as I don't have strong heroes.

    I got wrecked 7/8 times, only managed to beat him once with a dps Bella combo.

    I only have mostly +3 and a couple +4, only SBW for Mew.
    I wish the mob phase was longer so I can stock up on my blocks to kill him.


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      I use Sera,Maria ,Kriem SBW and Cano to beat him a few times he is pretty tricky to down, the 40% dodge can help a lot though and not to sure I think maria can remove the seeds I haven't been paying attention though.
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        Slightly off topic, but how hard is it to beat the Lv3 versions of the Divine Beasts?

        I've been holding off bc I don't want to waste swathes of resources, only to lose.


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          Lvl 3 is pretty easy so far although i hear draco is a pain...something about doing way too much dmg


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            Originally posted by zlumpy View Post
            Lvl 3 is pretty easy so far although i hear draco is a pain...something about doing way too much dmg
            I actually found LV3 Grant to be more difficult than LV3 Draco. LV3 Draco is a pretty straightforward fight, imo. LV3 Grant, you have to cleanse yourself constantly (or be able to completely tank the erupting ground spikes from the seeds) while dealing with Grant rapidly punching & kicking you and watching out for his artillery mode shot (that can 1-hit kill your whole team if you aren't using a demi-god tier team w/ SBWs).

            Now, I'm stuck on LV4, bc I'm pretty sure I am not prepared for it. The only stable team I've been using for Divine Beast Nests is Thor/Mew/Korin (+4 / no SBWs).


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              This is how i beat all beast and wb level:
              +4 Himiko 6* SBW tPoG (L), +4 Mew 6* SBW tEoG, +4 Rachel 6* SBW tMS with Dionne.
              Just spam that blocks baby!


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                I got a good one for grant now roland tThorn aura himi (sbw) teog dart (sbw) tn-17smoke bomb