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FoS - Dashing Darkness (final room) Team question

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  • FoS - Dashing Darkness (final room) Team question

    I am trying to build a team for this. I use R-0, Dara and Yeo for the previous room

    Here are my questions.

    Whats the best team make up? I have most characters and am building SBWs for each

    What are the SBW stats for each hero? (A/A, A/D, F/D, D/D... and so on) and which stat selected crit%, resist penetration, armor.... and so on?

    and finally what skill is selected for each (im assuming maxed skill).

    I currently have Roche (SBW, F/D) ), Abel (SBW, F/D), Joan (SBW, A/D), Mundeok (SBW, D/F), Hanzo (SBW, D/F), Vincent (SBW, A/F), Necro (SBW D/D), Korin (SBW, D/D), Rachel (SBW, A/A), Ramlethal (SBW, A/F), Sasquatch (SBW, D/F), Mew (SBW, D/F), Woompa (SBW, D/F), Himiko (SBW, A/F), Chai (SBW, F/F) and 1-NO (SBW, A/D) available to use.

    Im willing to change any and all of their stats if need be to build the team.

    Thanks for the help in advance. FoS 8 was easy but just can't find the right mix to finish off the last stage.
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    All you really need is Abel, get his D/D max berry and max bread and tDB, also use prestina skill and get hp% weapon upgrade, and one last thing is to make sure you are max.