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Best team in my pool to make a Hard Tundra Party?

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  • Best team in my pool to make a Hard Tundra Party?

    As of right now, I've only been collecting heroes and never bothered to do stages. So I decided to try out Hard Tundra today, I got destroyed at Hard 15.
    Wondering if anyone could help me make a comp that is viable for 90% of Tundra.

    Here are my champions:
    page 1:
    page 2:

    Other Info:
    Champion who has 6 star SBW: Ky Kiske (80 hero attack, +416HP), D'art (+86.25% crit dmg, +17.25% lifesteal), Lilith (+118 Armor, +86.25% crit dmg)
    Champion who has 5 star SBW: Sneaky, Isabel

    Trascended Skills:
    Ky Kiske- Dancing Blade
    D'art - Lapis Lazuli
    Archon - Mana Recycle
    Korin - Mana Recycle
    Lilith- Magic Storm
    Mew - Energy of Goddess
    Benjamin - Mana Recycle


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    I looked and I was thinking Mew, Dart & Lilith. IMO


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      You can try Korin(L)/Mew/Benjamin with Prestina. Make sure nobody dies and when you reach the final boss, spam Prestina with Korin's shield and all your mana recycle/energy of goddess so that the boss cannot reach close enough to begin attacking you.