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[Guide] Fortress of Souls 8 - March of Darkness

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  • [Guide] Fortress of Souls 8 - March of Darkness

    Alright Getting too much same question.
    TL;DR version

    1. Joan with good armor
    2. Yeo/Mew with Energy of Goddess
    3. Damage dealer with SBW
    4. Dionne/Chronos

    Long version

    There are two ways of beating FOS8.
    1. Full team
    2. Solo/Duo team

    For people who just started, Full team is more easy to make.
    Keep in mind Solo/Duo team requires at least one hero with max trained, nearly most stat max berried and good soul bound weapon (SBW).
    In terms of cost efficiency, Full team is cheaper to make.

    Now basics.
    Soltar stats
    Atk type: Physical damage
    Debuff: sp drain (not removing buff)
    Hp: 250k
    Before buff
    Hero attack: 2750
    Armor/Resist: 500
    Apen/Rpen: 0
    After buff (50% < health).
    Armor/Resist: 1000
    Debuff immunity

    After another buff (25% < health).
    Hero attack: 5500
    Apen/Rpen: 300
    Life steal: 35%

    Choice of Tank
    Given Soltar stats, Joan is a obvious choice as tank.
    Alex or other paladin with Avatar of Protection can be used but paladin usually has tiny armor.
    Once you got Joan, you need to get more armor.
    Train her minimum 3+ or more.
    Either use Steel sword or her SBW. Upgrade cost of steel sword would be extremely cheap.
    Also berrying armor stat on Joan would help as well.
    The key point of Joan is meat shield and SP feed.
    If your damage dealer has horrible damage output, more you have to invest on Tank

    Damage dealer
    The best dealer you can find with SBW.
    Without SBW, you do 50% less damage.
    Usually Wizard is the best choice with mana recycle.
    Korin or Archon is go to wizards.
    Assume that Joan is tanking for your team, invest their damage output.
    Train 3+ damage output.

    Is your damage dealer chaser? -> Yeo
    Is your damage dealer 3-chainer -> Mew
    Energy of Goddess
    Does not require SBW but makes it easier.
    Train 3+ better heal and survivability.

    Dionne or Chronos
    Chronos is favored but Dionne is easier to get.

    For Solo/Duo team
    Usually warriors are used with Mew and Prestina or Chronos.
    Advantage is that you don't get "Vane pillars" attack.
    However, a very good SBW is almost requirement.
    And to be more consistent, high training and berry is necessary.
    Leon, Roche, Godzi, Abel, Kox is the most common hero to use.


    If you have questions, ask.
    I may or may not answer.
    Or just join CQ IRC and ask those people.
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    I just use Uzimant Stein and Mew...
    Sometimes it works for fos9 sometimes it doesnt XD


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      I do Himi, Abel, and May. All SBW HP% build. They do just fine