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  • Need help!

    Who should i build next, or should i focus on specific sbws? Need help please! thanks

    Current 6*(all at +3):
    Warriors: Leon, Arita, Joan (w/ 5* sbw D/F)
    Paladins: Kriemhild (w/ 4* sbw A/F), Thor (w/ 4* sbw A/D), Alexander (w/ 4* sbw A/D)
    Archers: Hanzo (w/ 5* sbw A/D)
    Hunters: Dox, Lorelei
    Mages: Archon, Necron (w/ 6* sbw A/D), Necron, Vesper, Korin (w/6* sbw A/A), Lilith
    Priests: Mew (w/ 6* sbw A/A), Mew, Yeow (w/ 4* sbw A/F), Nurspy, Himiko (w/ 4* sbw A/F)

    Warriors: Monte (w/ 4* sbw A/A)
    Paladins: Athena, Archilles, Hector
    Hunters: Spiny, Maxi
    Mages: Demeter (w/ 4* sbw A/F), Benjamin, Rachel, Nazrune
    Priests: Mew, Stein

    Warriors: Victoria, Lionel, Susano, Sien, Kaori, B.Sworden
    Paladins: V, Hector, Dulahan, Drake (w/ 4 sbw A/A), Cain, Stenya
    Archers: Mamba, Lee, Robin, Niven, Rahima
    Hunters: Dart, Dart, Mandy (w/ 4* sbw A/D), Viper, Crow, Tia, Vincent
    Mages: Sasquatch, Alice
    Priests: Beatrice (w/ 4* sbw D/D), Orfeo, Chai, Nightingale, Stein, Dara
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    You can try using vesper, kriemhield, and mew. But if you want, you can also change mew into himiko


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      Arita/Dox/someone is a top-tier burst Colo team. USE IT MAN

      For anywhere else outside Colo, Joan/Yeo/chaser dps is a good team. DF Joan is good (get resistance/evasion), AF Yeo is useable (HA%/evasion). For the dps you can use Vesper or try getting Rachel SBW (AA/AF). It's awesome.


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        ahh ok! thanks everyone for the suggestions!