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  • Beginner's questions !

    Hello !

    Thank you for your beginner's guides ! They are really useful :3 ~
    I didn't have the time to read it all so here, a few questions !

    I am lvl22 and stage Forest - hard !

    1) Is leveling up 3* heroes (to promote them to 4* heroes or to get the jewels) worth the time ? I have a looot of 3*. And a lot of 4* to level up... so I was wondering if I should retire the 3*... but I also want the jewels.. hmmm...

    2) I have enough jewels to do the 10x Premium contracts. But in your guide, it says to wait for "Premium hero rates up" (or something like that). When is this event ?

    3) Is buying 4* or 5* breads to Popo worth the money ? I can't promote my Leon because I don't have a lot of breads (and no money either)... and I have difficulties clearing the Bread dongeon (I read the guide but it takes so much time to clear the hardest stage... !!)

    Hmm.. VoilÃ*, I can only think of these questions for the moment. Sorry if they are frequently asked questions !

    (and sorry if my english is bad, I am French)

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    Up please~ No one for meh ?~~


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      It's best to ask in the Crusader's Quest Subreddit, since the official forums are pretty dead. Also, you can try asking in the ingame chat, too.


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        IDoWhatIWant Oh I see ! :s Too bad but thank you, I will go check the Reddit !


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          Have no fear! Zeta is hear to help! ( If i'm not to late D : )

          1. First off make a 4 star team to be your bread and butter aka the team you will use 99% of the time make sure you level all 3 to 6* to push you through the story line chapters.level the 3* heroes every now and then for a Jem if you want to use them on meat to level faster. When you lvl a 3 star only sell them if you acquired the jewel or you need honor to promote or if you are out of space.

          2. Contracts rate ups are mostly a joke sadly : ( I would just go ahead and get a 10x and see what you get RNG can be rude or it can be a blessing you never know, and I learned that its best just to go for the risk : D

          3. Don't worry about buying stuff from popo right now because if you have no gold you most likely don't have a stable gold income and I would recommend saving gold for feeding your heroes bread you get from the bakery or the randoms you get from quest. Popo is basicly a pawn star by overpricing items > : C

          Hope this helps!
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            Hey Zetabladez Zetabladez ! Thank you for your answer ! I lvled up !
            1) Yeah, right now I have my "main" team. Well, a team that can go through the story. But I don't have a good harmony between these characters so I need others. I have 6* Leon, 6* Aria and 5* Maxi or 5* Archon in my team.

            So I guess I need to promote all my 3* to 4* to get new heroes ? x__x Seems so looooong...

            2) I did try my luck and bought a 10xContracts pack...... well, I got one 4* thanks to the event. It was... heerm who was it... I don't even remember. It was a warrior. The nine other heroes were 3* ^^' ...

            3) I see... indeed, I have no much money. Popo's items are so expensive...

            Btw, I have another question about Popo :
            when you say "Contract heroes", does that mean heroes that you can ONLY drop through contracts from the Jewel shop or can you also buy them with Popo ?
            I mean, I saw Space Cadets and Sasquatch sold in Popo's shop...
            At this point, do you think is good buying good heroes in Popo's ? Or should I wait and promote ALL my 3* ?


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              Let me help you...

              1) It's good that you have a team to go through the story. But you can add friends to help you with it. You should focus on make a team for Colosseum to have a good gems income each week. Post your heroes pool on reddit (or here, I can help you ^^), people can help you make a good team. You don't have to promote all 3* to 6* now, but you will be eventually. So you can have many teams in Colosseum and Fortress of Souls.

              2)Don't hesitate to buy 10x contract, but you should wait for the strong heroes have rate up (so there is a little more chance to have them). The rate up is a joke but it 's better than nothing.

              3)Never buy anything from Popo, except the colosseum ticket if it could help you earn more gems. Her items are worthless and overpriced, if you want anything, you can tell me and I will tell you where to find it. Contract heroes can only be bought with the premium contract (the 10x that you bought). Popo never sell them, space cadets are worthless and sasquatch is strong but overpriced. You can have sasquatch by promote 3* wizard heroes (random). It's never a good ideal to buy heroes from Popo (even with sales it still rip-off). No exception.

              Sorry about my english ^^
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                Well i'm kinda less in forum, we're more in facebook "Crusader Quest Official" page more :P

                1) Yes please, keep them and slowly level them to 4star (expand your heroes storages if need, cause now noble contract are no longer available, keep those low level heroes to max them for jewel)

                2) The heroes rate up is kinda joke, since you are still new, you need more heroes, try to get it when you got enough 50gems.

                3) Please DO NOT BUY anything from POPO beside dungeon keys / colosseum ticket.
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                  Hi friends ! :3

                  Thank you for your advices !

                  1) Now, I am leveling 2* and 3* heroes to get their jewels and promote them (useful for unlocking skills and I love collecting heroes).

                  2) And... indeed, the rate for the 10x contracts is a joke... T__T
                  I got only one 4* when my boyfriend got three 4* heroes.... <_<
                  I have now again 50+ jewels but I am wondering if buying contracts is worth the price.....
                  I wanted to buy a Skin for my Archon...

                  But good heroes like them : can really only be bought by contracts... ?! Then it's hard to collect them all and get a good team for Smash Battle and Forest of Souls ! :O

                  3) It seems that Popo is not that popular !

                  4) Another question : can we get heroes in Dungeons ? Like Roland or Rochefort in The Void ? But we can get them in contracts too (Legendary heroes) ?


                  As for my team, here it is :

                  6* Archon, 6* Aria, 6* Leon.
                  Archon is my DPS & leader with Mana Recycle ; Aria has Energy of Goddess and Leon the big sword (Judgment thingy).
                  It's a good team for the story but I am not sure for Colosseum... Archon dies too quickly because of Archers or Hunters...

                  Other heroes, not levelled up :
                  5* : Alice, Maxi, Yeowoodong
                  4* : Nazrune, Robin Hood, Mew, Thor, Crow, Spyro, Giparang, Stanya, Korin


                  Thank youuu ♥


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                    1)Keep going, my heroes storage about 100+ and still not enough so don't worry.

                    2) Yeah, you need to be patient with this type of game. Just go for it when you in good mood and you can handle the worst thing that can happen. Start worship RNGesus - that's what I do.
                    The skin is good but only when you can afford it. Just stick to the 10x contract for now until you have about 15+ 6* heroes.
                    That tier list is old (super old) more like ancient, you can see the new one here: Right collumn is colosseum tier list and Left collumn is map tier list.

                    3) People on top is killing for her since the last patch, but you have no need to worry about that for now.

                    4) No, legendary heroes can only be found in Dungeons. They usually are strong, so get them as soon as possible. D'Artagnan, Rochefort and Cano are great, But you also need to focus on bread and gold dungeon.

                    You're doing good with 6* Archon first. Mew and Thor are good with Archon if you want to build a team around her. But you don't have any contract only heroes for now so keep going.


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                      1) Wow x)

                      2) I will worship RNGesus ahah. I want to collect them all <3 (the heroes)
                      Thanks for the list and the explanation but I don't really understand...
                      Why are there two skins for each characters ?
                      What is the meaning of the letters near the characters ?
                      What about the letters on the breads ?

                      4) I see... well, for now, I can't manage to go to 20F of each dungeon... I die between 15F and 19F

                      Well, my sole contracts heroes are Koxinga, Alice and Orfeo.
                      So I guess I have to buy contracts to obtain a lot of contract heroes :d


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                        The letters near the characters are the hero's overall tier list. The list can be confused so I will give you an example. Look at Leon, when he doesn't have sbw (Soulbound Weapon) his tier is C+ in map stage, and B in colosseum so his overall tier is B-. And when he has his sbw, his tier is B+ in map stage and A- in colosseum so his overall tier is A-. The skins and small texts are supposed to be funny. You just need to pay attention to the texts on bread. OP mean overpower. Anything over A is worth the effort.

                        Kox is good as you can see. Alice and Orfeo - not so much.


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                          Pu11y Thank you ! It will help me !
                          I didn't know for Kox so I didn't lvl up him... (and his passive seems meh) but well, I will give him a try ! I even have his sbw !! *__*

                          Too bad that the Wiki ( is not updated.. I love their idea of suggesting team compositions.


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                            You are welcome!
                            Kox is amazing with sbw. He could be in the new meta team right now. His best sbw option is A/F.

                            The main CQ community is here:
                            Look into the guides and data section for more details.
                            Or you could always ask me here. I'm happy to help. Btw my IGN is: Pu11y. Add me if you need a friend on map stages.
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                              Pu11y What does "His best sbw option is A/F" mean ? I now have Kox 6*... and indeed, he is strong !! I feed him Evasion berries for his passive !

                              Thank you for the reddit links. I don't know how to use reddit but I will try !
                              I will also add you IG ! I am Shiinette

                              Thank you for all your help !