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Need explaination for armor penetration and resistance

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  • Need explaination for armor penetration and resistance

    Maybe this is a noob post, but I really want to know.
    How do the numbers on AP/RP option work?
    I mean how do they work in the damage equation?

    Also, what does the 100% resistance penetration mean? (From Vesper's passive and Dorothy's new SBW)
    Does that mean we get additional 100% penetrate from the weapons?
    If so, do we have to have the penetrate option to get the benefit?

    Sorry if my questions are confusing.

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    Each point of penetration negates one point of armor/resistance based on type. Basically it just increases damage by ignoring enemy defenses.

    For Vesper, the tooltip is wrong, it is actually 100% of her resistance added as resist penetration e.g. If she has 300 resist she gains 300 bonus resist penetration. Dunno for Dorothy, maybe it doubles her penetration from weapon upgrades or causes her to completely ignore enemy resistance.