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    I would like to ask if the rates of getting sbw are not equal. This is because during the past few months i have used over 15 old swords and 10 retries of bridget points ( don't judge me T^T) trying to get roche sbw but to no avail, i keep getting the regular isabel sbw, b-sworden sbw, abel sbw, etc (nearly everything but its usually these few) except for roche sbw. I would just like to inquire if the sbw in the game are not of equal chances as when forging other sbw, i also experience the same problem of only being able to forge the regular common few. I just wanted to point this out mainly because 15 over old swords spent led me to believe either the game hates me or there is something seriously wrong. Thanks for your help if you plan to help me. This is also not urgent so anybody that come across this and can help me, i would appreciate if you could leave me a comment. Thanks, and i apologise for taking your time.

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    Yeah the rates in CQ is never equal. Even the rates to promote 3* heroes to 4* heroes isn't equal. But this isn't anything new. Just keep trying. There are people (like me) have it worse. Anyway i still haven't gotten Rochef sbw. But at this point, I'm not even care anymore, maybe you should do something else and it will come to you some day rather than looking for it...


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      Thanks for the advice

      pretty sad though, tried 3 more yesterday and got 2 three sections staff for monte and a psychic isabel sword again xD.
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        i forge my first old sword and gotten rochef SBW. but i dont have rochef character. i would prefer to get isabel SBW but... RNG..