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Calendar with the events for Crusaders Quest

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  • Calendar with the events for Crusaders Quest

    I originally created this (source) for the Crusaders Quest subreddit, but I think everybody should have access to it, so I'm cross posting it here:

    I have created a Google Calendar for the events in Crusaders Quest. It should have both the recurring events, and the non-recurring announced events for the US server (though I have recruited some helpers for the non-US servers). As usual with this things, it's compiled from public information, by people not affiliated with Hangame, so there might be errors or omissions. If you spot either, please contact me and I'll fix it ASAP.

    The nice thing about Google Calendar is that it can be viewed in any time zone. Either use the right link for you (more on that later), or add it to your Google account.

    Links:For other timezones, check this page and find the code for your time zone (TZ column), then take this link and paste the code at the end, after the equals. I'll add more links with more time zones if people request it, so don't be shy! just tell me the time zone (check the page linked above for the details I need)