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Some Team Building help pls. ;]

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  • Some Team Building help pls. ;]

    Hello~ I'm just wondering which units to use for where.
    Preferably one for WB4 MVP (If possible), one for PVC, and FOS 8. Also for General Questing.

    My units are:

    Warrior: Leon, Lionel (SBW), Millia (SBW), Kaori (SBW), Victoria, Monte
    Paladin: Alex, Mundeok, Drake, Archilles, Thor, Cain, Stanya (SBW)
    Archer: Mamba, Hanzo, R-9999, Niven (SBW), Robin (SBW)
    Hunter: Elphelt (SBW), Wilhelm, Dox, Elphelt 2 (SBW), Spiny (SBW), No.9, Spyro, Viper, Sentinel D, Maxi
    Wizard: Archon (SBW), Rachel (SBW), Lupeow, Sasquatch, Benjamin, Necron, Nazrune
    Priest: Mew, Yeo, Woopa, Orfeo, Aria (SBW), Himiko, Faust

    SBW that I have:

    Vane,Hector,Kiremhild, Abel, Isabel, B.Sworden, Giparang, Tia, Vincent, Lilith, Melissa.

    I Mentioned SBW because I have 2800 points, and I'm torn in between unlocking Shadow mage, Avatar of Protection, Or get Abel with SBW. Or just Beatrice for another Priest.

    Thank you~
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