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  • Archetypes - A Team Building Guide

    What is an archetype?

    Archetype means, a typical example of a thing. An archetype is usually used to describe the type of deck you're using in a tcg. I draw a lot of similarities from a tcg to CQ. For example, the blocks and skills are like cards in a deck. The bar at the bottom of your screen containing your blocks and skills is like a hand of cards. Your deck consists of the heroes on your team, which can be customized to your liking. An archetype in CQ would be the types of teams you can use that are viable in the meta.

    These archetypes are made specifically for Colosseum. Which means they'll likely work in WB/PvE also, but won't cover many of the other WB/PvE options available. The main differences in Colosseum is the SP nerf, where skills that restore or deplete SP are 60% as effective. So these skills, which are helpful in WB/PvE, are no longer as helpful in Colosseum. Don't be surprised if heroes with such skills are unpopular. In addition, all heroes have 75% more max HP. Passives that refer to hp will usually use their non-pvp hp for calculations.
    Note: The goddess section is dedicated to the goddess that helps you BEAT that team. Not ones that are good with it.

    List of Archetypes


    tl;dr Tank, healer, dps

    Naming convention: The holy trinity. Standard+[nickname of dps].

    Goddess: If you're using single target damage, Anut is popular to remove Alex's buff to defeat the team faster, as well as beating the most common Wizards. If you're using AOE damage, Bella is better. The best way to beat this team is to burst it down. The longer the fight, the worse it is for you.

    Description: Many players will build this team first because of how common chain-3 attackers are, and because Alex is a free hero, making the team easy to build out of stuff you already have. Alex, the only strongest tank, keeps the party alive. He usually uses Shield of Invincibility because it's a safety measure in case rng screws you over and gives you too many Alex blocks. Holy Hammer is an acceptable substitute if you don't have SoI. This will remain true every time Alex is mentionedoften. Mew provides the additional blocks needed for your dps while being a strong single target healer for Alex, who takes all the damage. Energy of Goddess provides even more blocks for your dps for that added consistency, especially if you get too many Mew blocks. Smile of Goddess is an acceptable replacement. Joan is another tank option, but she's better off for skill-reliant teams, not chain based ones. Your choice of dps can be any hero, likely one that relies on a strong chain-3. Many heroes fall into this category. Here are some, BUT NOT ALL, examples (because there's a lot of them):
    Leon Uzimant Kriemhild Stanya Sigruna Giparang Vivian
    Maxi Vincent Mandy Dorothy Archon Mondrian Korin
    Examples: Alex, Mew, anyone.


    tl;dr Chain multiple damaging passives together

    Naming convention: Most passives that proc off allies involve using chain-3s. The team chains multiple effects with a single chain-3. I found the name being used by users on reddit. Might as well let it stick.

    Goddess: Most chasers attack horizontally, and are thus weak to Dionne. They also tend to launch multiple attacks at once, that can be stopped by Sera.

    Description: Many heroes have effects when an ally uses a chain 3. There's also D'Artagnan who procs when he is healed by an ally. To take advantage of this, we use heroes that have ways to activate their chain-3s more often than normal. The first table has a list of heroes that activate their own chain-3, which allows you to be more block efficient. The second table has a list of heroes that proc when an ally uses a chain-3. Combined, these heroes get the most value out of each block, as you time your activations between cooldowns.
    Cain Maxi Sentinel Stanya
    No. 9 Lilith Nazrune5* Himiko
    Sworden Monte Gon Robin Arona
    Niven Thor Vane Crow Nazrune
    Lilith Maria Chai Stein Nurspy
    Hanzo Achilles R-0 Isabel Mew
    Examples: Pick one from the first table, and pick 2 from the second table. Himiko, Robin, D'Art. Maxi, Stein, Gon.


    tl;dr Physical damage synergy with Alex as a safety net.

    Naming convention: Important: Note the name "Asus" does not mean that the team order is Alex, Susanoo, dps. The correct team order is actually Susanoo, Alex, dps. This means that Susanoo will be taking more of the physical attacks when your Alex buff isn't on, which improves your team's longevity. Asus+[name of dps here]

    Goddess: Using Dionne early can delay Susanoo's armor shred, which helps you live much longer. She also can make the common Hunter skills, Overdrive and L&L miss by using her right when the skill animation starts. You want a offensive goddess only if you know your team is stronger than theirs.

    Description: Susanoo will want Heaven's Slash most of the time. Launching your enemies for a short period of time can buy you the time needed to get more important blocks for the team. The alternative in spinning storm does something similar by moving your enemy's team away, rather than upwards. This doesn't protect your party from as many attacks, but has the slight benefit of reflecting damage and cornering the enemy (great against MS). The damage is nothing to scoff at, either. This team aims to be faster than standard by shredding the armor from your opponent's team. The main constraint is that you don't have reliable access to chain-3s. So your attacker must be one that doesn't rely on them. Cain is a particularly good attacker because he can stun using your Susanoo's armor shred. If you do choose a hero that needs a chain-3, it'd better be a good one, like Kriemhild. Kriem can stun for upwards of 3 seconds with her chain-3, giving you the time needed to refuel on blocks.

    Examples: Alex, Susanoo, Sneak. Alex, Susanoo, D'Artagnan.


    tl;dr Win ASAP.

    Naming convention: Shortened from rushdown, an aggressive playstyle. Also called Aggro. [Name of dps]+Rush.

    Goddess: Dionne is the best answer to this team for the same reason as Asus

    Description: The goal is to win before the AI has a chance to fight back. This means you usually have to watch out for Sera. If they have one, you'll have to wait an extra second or two before you drop all your blocks down. The team consists of Susanoo, and two attackers who ideally don't require chain-3. This team is the definition of "The best defense is a good offense". Within your first 6 or 7 blocks, you should be able to defeat at least 2 of your opponent's heroes. This reduces the damage you could be taking.

    Examples: Susanoo + any of: (No. 9, Sneak, D'Art, Cain)


    tl;dr Stay alive. Use Magic Storm. Win.

    Naming convention: MS stands for Magic Storm. The initials of each hero can be used to abbreviate your team.

    Goddess: Sera is good if you can time it right when MS begins to stop majority of the damage. Anut doesn't stop as much of the damage, but turns off Alex's protection. Each has their advantages here.

    Description: This team is similar to standard, but has the explicit goal of activating a skill, rather than using chains. Alex and Joan are often used together for that extra durability against rush. The last block used by either Joan or Alex will determine who takes the party's damage. Joan likes to have (trans) Dancing Blade to refill her hp, otherwise Heaven's Slash is the next best skill. If you have tDB, then Joan is free to do some of the tanking work. If not, Alex should do most of the tanking so Joan can continually feed SP to your MS wizard. Dorothy has the advantage of removing buffs with her passive, so you won't need Anut to remove back row. Sasquatch has the advantage of stunning enemies for easier fights. Lilith can activate MS the fastest due to her passive. SP refilling allies like Joan, Gon, Spyro, Sneak are optional choices to activate MS sooner.
    MS is super strong, and lifts enemies up, preventing them from fighting back for at least 2 seconds. With a fast MS setup, you can activate Dionne, keeping your enemies in the air for another second, then unleash another MS. This gives your opponent very little room to fight back. MS targets a fixed distance in front of the caster, so it won't hit enemies that are too far away or too close to you. This is especially problematic against pallys and warriors that are constantly moving forward. Having two tanks, stops the charge. Alex can push back using his blocks, but will often get pushed back himself if he's tanking. So having a second tank can be helpful.

    Examples: Alex, Mundeok, Dorothy. Joan, Gon, Lilith. Joan, Alex, Sasquatch.


    tl;dr It's all defense.

    Naming convention: [Name of support]+Turtle

    Goddess: This team has a slow start, so bring Bella to end the game asap.

    Description: The premise of the team is to use Nightingale's superior healing abilities to keep Alex alive indefinitely. Even in the case Alex does die, she packs resurrection to keep him fighting. Since resurrection spawns the deceased hero on the far left of the screen with only a small percentage of their health, Alex shouldn't use his blocks right away. Instead, allow Gale to auto attack a few times with her passive effect on before you reactivate Alex. The higher her attack speed, the better. This leaves your last hero to be one that can protect Gale while she does this. Kriem and Stanya can stun, while Vivian or Mundeok halves damage.

    Examples: Kriemhild, Alex, Nightingale. Vivian, Alex, Nightingale. Sorry, I don't have Gale so idk who leads in this team
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    tl;dr Can't die.

    Naming convention: Godmode is the name of a common cheat used in video games to prevent death.

    Goddess: You can use Dionne to also launch your opponent so that you can hit them when they launch you. The team doesn't make that much of an effort to kill you, so Bella is nice to end the match faster.

    Description: Using the powerful block generation of Yeo or Mew combined with EoG, you build goddess meter quickly to use Dionne non-stop. The dps on this team is pretty low, so only use this if your opponent doesn't have a healer. Two EoG users are enough to have endless Dionne, so your 3rd skill can be an offensive one.

    Examples: Maria, Mew, Yeo. Mundeok, Yeo, Yeo. Yeo, Mew, Nightingale.


    tl;dr Can't touch this.

    Naming convention: Hikari is a pretty swell gal

    Goddess: Anut removes buffs, which cut into Hikari's power a lot. Maria's buff resets every half second, so it's better to bring Dionne or Sera to block their skills. It's too risky to bring Bella, since a random whirlwind might cause your attacks to miss.

    Description: Rather than waiting 5 seconds into the battle to activate Float like a Butterfly Sting like a Bee (flab slab), you can use an ally buff to turn on Hikari's passive instead. Woopa drops a defense totem to tank ranged attacks while Hikari block spams to push away opposing melee heroes. This is a more defensive team, so gear your skills towards defense: Smile of Goddess and Fire Rain. If you're willing, trans Protection of Goddess can be just as good as Smile since it also protects you from status. A more offensive approach uses Mundeok to activate 2 buffs each on Archon and Hikari which allows them to chain-3 with 1 block. This lets Archon unleash lightning balls right away while also granting the party a defense piercing buff. Hikari keeps the party safe by launching enemies with her chain-3 wind arrows, which the chain-1 arrows can't do. This is an offensive team that performs best before the enemy team reaches the wall. To make this happen, you'll want: Shield of Invincibility, Thunderbolt, Phoenix Feather. Magic Storm is okay, but it makes all your other attacks miss.

    Examples: Drake, Hikari, Hikari. Mundeok, Archon, Hikari. Maria/Woopa, D'art, Hikari

    tl;dr He makes everything possible.

    Naming convention: It's the name of the hero.

    Goddess: Always bring Anut to remove the buff on his allies. That alone usually makes the team fall apart. Note that Anut does not remove his 50% defense buff.

    Description: He is pretty much his own archetype, since no other hero has the ability to make a team made entirely out of chain-3 users work. Mundeok makes heroes who need to chain-3 multiple times better, such as Maxi, Vincent, or Giparang. An interesting partner is Niven, who makes ally chain-3s proc a 2% damage attack up to twice within 3 seconds. Since Mundeok is likely still performing Hero's Charge after Niven's arrow, that same charge can proc the extra damage from her passive without having to use another chain-3. Mundeok also allows an ally to chain-3 alongside him, allowing Niven to make the most of her passive with 5 blocks instead of 10 blocks. Mundeok is extremely block efficient, so mana recycle usually clashes with his strategy. Even without those skills, Mundeok can generate up to an extra 160 sp with the ideal blocks by turning 1 blocks (20 sp) into chain 3s (60 sp), making him great in skill based teams as well as a chaser based team. Chasers proc once from Mundeok's chain 3 and another two from his ally's chain 3s.

    Mundeok prefers Shield of Invincibility, not just because it's the best skill, but because he can cast it while mounted. For Mundeok to use non-buff skills, he must first finish Hero's charge. Revolution Hammer is an attack, not a buff. Mundeok casts a buff on allies, which allows him to synergize with heroes that need them, like Archon, Hikari, and No. 9. Mundeok can never be pushed back, which helps with successful Magic Storms.

    Note that as versatile as Mundeok is, he is very vulnerable to block screw. He needs at least 3 blocks for himself and 1-2 blocks for his allies to get going. If his allies only get 1 block, you essentially used 4 blocks for 1 chain-3. If you get 2 ally blocks, then that's 5 blocks for 2 chain-3s, which is average. At 3 or more, that's when he truly becomes the mvp of block efficiency. Bad block orders in your queue can lead to horrible starts where you can get plowed by a fast team. Mew and Yeo can relieve Mundeok from block screw by making more blocks. Maxi needs two chain-3s to start her WG train, which Mundeok can provide. Afterwards, Maxi is self-sufficient, which further reduces block screw.

    Examples: Mundeok, anyone, anyone.

    tl;dr Team rocket is blasting off again.

    Naming convention: I prefer the much cuter Nya-tan, but Stanya will do for most.

    Goddess: Dionne is best to prevent the many launches on this team. The beatings are hard and numerous, so the extended duration of Anut is better than Sera, if you are missing her. Anut also removes the buff on Nazrune and Hikari.

    Description: A team based on launching your enemies into the air as often as possible. Airborne enemies will often miss their attacks, which provides this team with a unique defense mechanism. The heroes of choice are Stanya, Hikari, and Nazrune. Of these heroes, Nazrune is the most effective at launching, since he only needs 1 block and some party assist. Hikari needs time and optional buffs. Stanya needs a chain-3, but she can get a second or third launch for free if she gets hit after her chain-3. So for this reason, a fast chain-3 from that of No. 9 or Lilith can help you activate more Nazrunes. Add Dionne for even more launches. The lead, Stanya, also has a unique synergy with Arona. Stanya bunches enemies together with her chain-3, which activates Arona's passive, allowing Arona's explosive arrows to inflict triple the splash damage. Plus Stanya can trigger an additional chain-3 when she gets hit, triggering Arona's second passive. This double chain 3 action is compounded on by your Nazrune. Nazrune provides the most power for the team, but if you're missing one, Monte is an okay substitute due to his ability to hit airborne targets with his passive.

    Despite Stanya dealing anywhere from 644%-966% damage to 1-2 targets, her base attack is low. Thus, the team is built for longevity, not aggression. Mew makes Stanya 3 blocks off of a chain-3, which means Stanya is almost attacking for free. Since Stanya can attack up to 3 times with a chain-3, she's not as block thirsty as other attackers. Thus Mew can run Smile of Goddess instead of Energy, if you want. This is a good choice if you have a Hikari on your team. Stanya likes having a high armor weapon since she's always on the front-line. Plus, she provides protection from Susanoo's armor shred and all stuns, which allows her to counter majority of the meta teams. Stanya likes having Shield of Invincibility as the standard good skill. Alternatively, due to her ability to corner her enemies quickly, Revolution Hammer is a good choice against enemies that do better when cornered, such as Maria and Leon. Beware of opposing Hikari or Stanya if you choose RH.

    Examples: Stanya, Mew, Hikari/Nazrune/Arona/Monte. Stanya, Monte, Nazrune. Stanya, Lilith, Arona.

    tl;dr Counter attack is a viable strategy

    Naming convention: Norse god of thunder.

    Goddess: Always bring Anut to remove his counter attack buff. It also removes Korin's shield.

    Description: Thor can deal a whopping 6-8k neutral damage over time with 1 block. It has other pre-reqs in that an ally must chain-3 and that he has to get hit. Plus, since it's neutral damage, it goes right through your opponent's defenses. The counter lightning attack can even hit more than 1 enemy. All this for an ally chain 3 and 1 thor block. Thorns allows you to finish games faster with the counter-attack strategy. Shield of Invincibility lets you counter for longer. Avatar of Protection increases the size of the lightning, letting you hit more targets, and draws all the damage to you, which provides more procs. Avatar also lets you circumvent the 1 second cooldown since your allies getting hit is independent from Thor. All are good skills that are better or worse depending on who you're up against. If you're fighting a more defensive team, Thor's counter attacks can't keep up, so you'll need to rely on either Revolution Hammer to stunlock them to death in the corner or have a secondary attacker. The best allies are the ones that can keep him alive to keep counter attacking. Himiko and Yeo provide value chain 3s that heal while being block efficient. Maria provides stun protection, as Thor can't counter if he's stunned. Mew can help an ally provide chain 3s. Korin is a good choice, as the shield she makes also helps keep Thor alive.

    Examples: Thor, Mew, Korin. Thor, Himiko, Maria.
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      tl;dr Cripples the enemy with debuffs and stunlocks them for good measure.

      Naming convention: Much like Mundeok, Cain is in a category of his own.

      Goddess: Aubrey can remove debuffs from you, but the Cain team is built to repeatedly stack them against you faster than you can Aubrey. Thus, you want Dionne for a chance to prevent them entirely. Bella is good as well to try to take down Cain before he can get the stun lock started.

      Description: This team uses the debuff from Himiko's barrier to lay down an endless stream of stuns from Cain's passive. Both Cain and Himiko have a chance to proc chain 3s which allows Nazrune to lay down an additional debuff to keep the Cain train chugging. Most heroes would miss their attacks when Nazrune launches enemies into the air, but Cain also jumps into the air when he attacks. The launch from Nazrune helps to make up for lost ground when Cain bounces back from his attack. The advantage of this team is that it pushes, procs chain 3s, and debuffs. This allows you to use heroes from the Chasers team. For example, Cain's chain 3 proc can let Arona's explosive arrow hit more than one target while also pushing enemies closer together. Two birds with one stone. See this table below to for a list of heroes that can debuff the enemy.
      Susanoo Kriemhild Achilles Cain Hanzo
      Mandy Sasquatch Alice Nurspy Himiko
      Mondrian Nazrune Sentinel
      Examples: Cain, Himiko, Nazrune. Cain, Susanoo, R-0.

      If you have any ideas you'd like to add to the list, feel free to PM me or add them in the comments below.
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