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  • Community Beginners' Guides

    Here are a list of guides for beginners written by members from our community! Please visit the links provided to view them!

    Reddit FAQ: Click Here!
    Beginners Compendium: Click Here!
    AppInvasion FAQ: Click Here!
    Reddit- Team Builder Guide: Click Here!

    *Thanks to the Reddit community for compiling these links.

    If you have a guide you would like us to include on here, please post the link in this thread! Thanks and enjoy!

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    Some helpful user guides to add on to the list above!~Just to clear things up I'm fairly certain that Senpai and LuckyCrits are 2 different people/players. LuckyCrits and IcyPhoenix are not participating in the Guide Contest as far as I know, though its up to Toast if they want to include their guides as entries as most of the information they've shared was previously written and posted before the Guide Contest started.

    This was originally posted by Senpai for beginners or new players to quickly access well written and all around helpful guides on specific areas players may have issues with.
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      The list I compiled are links within the toast forums (and one google spreadsheet). The links in CinnaRoll's OP are all external links. I don't mind combining the two threads to include guides from other websites, but as far as I know, the guide contest is just an incentive for those who have already written guides to repost them here. Which is a pretty good idea as it will help players stick around here. If we host a bunch of links to other website's guides, it doesn't help keep users here.

      Yes, I am not definitely not LuckyCrits. I don't mind getting more rewards, after all, I do have to update these guides every now and because of the patches. I didn't include my ign in the guides because I wrote them on my own and not for the contest. If I'm worthy of a reward though, CinnaRoll has my ign.