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Farming Chilly Bread Dungeon Guide

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  • Farming Chilly Bread Dungeon Guide

    Guide I made for and Want more help and guides? Check them out!

    Bread Dungeon

    By far the best place to get high quality bread, one of the rarest and most sought after resources, Chilly Bread Dungeon has a set of very simply mechanics that you must follow in order to beat it.

    Video Guide for people who would rather watch it in action

    Looking for bread training combinations to promote your 4☆/5☆ or 6☆ hero?
    Check out the bread training table for recipe ideas! Even up to date with the latest donut changes!

    Here’s what you need to know.
    Basic Information
    1. The boss of each floor demands that you use a particular number of chain in order to damage and stun him. He may be immune to most other sources of damage, even skills, until you use the correct chain on him.
    2. Characters whose chain attack does multiple hits are best for this dungeon. This is because each hit does a set amount of damage regardless of what your character’s attack power is.
    3. The safest team to do the dungeon with is usually 2 healers (whose chains won’t damage the boss, e.g. Nurspy is considered DPS) and 1 DPS unit like those listed below. This way you can get rid of healing blocks without hitting the boss with an incorrect chain.
    4. If you hit a boss with a wrong chain, he will get stronger.

    Edit: While two priests and 1 DPS is still very good for new players, it is no longer necessary to bring two healers as the boss no longer gets super-buffed from incorrect chains. Sometimes bringing 1 melee tank can keep the boss from hitting your weaker backline characters.
    Examples of good DPS characters are…
    • Archon (4☆)
    • Rachel (4☆)
    • Sasquatch (4☆) [Note: You have to wait till the boss finishes casting his shield with the actual shield icons around him at the start of the battle before you start chaining or Sasquatch’s passive stun will cancel the shield, forcing you to wait for the boss to cast it again before you can do damage. The shields that appear around him are a visual indicator to say, ok now you can kill me)
    • R-9999 (4☆) – currently bugged: requires ally 3-chain before her 3-chain
    • Achilles (4☆)
    • Neth Army Female Executive (3☆)
    • Any Archer with “Driving Arrows” as their block skill, even 2☆ and 3☆ ones.
    • Any Hunter with “Consecutive Fire” as their block skill, even 2☆ and 3☆ ones.
    • Any Wizard with “Freezing Blizzard” or “Bat Storm” as their block skill, even 2* and 3* ones. Make note of the comment above about Sasquatch
    • You can even use a 1* Archer with Driving Arrows to get all the way to the 8th floor.

    List of Archers:
    Archers that have Driving Arrows are: 1☆ Kunoichi 2☆ Search Member 2☆ Roman Female Archer 2☆ Half Elf 2☆ Golden Archer Group 3☆ Polar Hunter 4☆R-9999 and the legendary Sigruna.
    • The correct chain number that you should use for the boss will be shouted by him during the battle. It also cycles in this order by stage.

    1st Floor – 1 Chains :: 2nd Floor – 2 Chains :: 3rd Floor – 3 Chains :: 4th Floor – 1 Chains :: 5th Floor – 2 Chains :: Etc.
    • The best stage for farming high level bread is Floor 9 as it costs one key less than floor 10, has equivalent rewards (3* to 6☆bread with no higher chance for better bread), and is much easier to farm. You will want to use 3-chains on this floor.
    • Use Bella as your goddess to increase your neutral damage on the boss unless you are having problems surviving auto-attacks.

    Advanced Information
    • Using priests with Energy of the Goddess can greatly speed up your farming speed of B9. Also using a wizard with Mana Recycle has a similar effect.
    • If you hit an incorrect chain, you can use a correct chain to stun the boss and debuff his attack boost. This may save your party at lower levels.
    • Bosses may use shields that make them immune to physical and magical damage. While stunned by a correct chain, they lose this shield and can be damaged from any source of damage like usual. This is the best time to hit them with powerful skills.
    • The physical and magical protection does not, however, protect them from Neutral Damage which will always hurt them. This means characters like Thor, Hanzo, and Susanoo can deal damage even with incorrect chains though the boss will heal off of incorrect chains as well.

    Hopefully this covers most of the mechanics. Good luck and get that bread!

    IGN: 8crusade
    Website: - wiki, guides, team building, hero reviews
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