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  • Fortress of Souls Dungeon Guide

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    The newest expansion to Crusaders Quest, the Fortress of Souls has arrived!

    Necessary for making Soul Bound Weapons, it is very difficult dungeon to completely clear, but the rewards can be Legen… wait for it… DARY! Legendary!

    The original guide was posted at

    Basic Information
    • The Fortress of Souls is available every day.
    • It doesn’t require any resources to attempt a level, but you can only use each hero once per dungeon (unless you spend a jewel to make them available again)
    • Each day at 5:00PM PST, 8:00PM EST, the Fortress resets bringing you back to the first floor and with all heroes refreshed.
    • Jewels can be used in the dungeon to do a couple of things. They can reset the dungeon completely to stage 1 and refresh all heroes (5 jewels). They can also refresh a single hero (1 jewel).
    • The first time you run the dungeon each day you will receive a Support Kit which can contain weapons, iron, etc.
    • After beating a floor, you cannot repeat it again till the dungeon is reset either the next day or with jewels.
    • The Soul Bound weapon you build is random though you can pick which class of weapon you build by providing the appropriate old weapon.

    What do you need to build a Soul Bound weapon?
    A combination of Crystals, Iron, Gold, and Luck.
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    Building Soul Bound Weapons
    To build a Soul Bound Weapon, first you need to acquire an “Old Weapon”, a 5☆ weapon that can be acquired from any World Boss, 4-24 Hard Mode, and 5-30 Hard Mode.
    Weapon Contract boxes (which can be purchased for 5 jewels and give a random 4☆/5☆/6☆ weapon) can also give out 5☆ Old Weapons, but not Legendary Weapons. 7/20 and 2/13 old weapons were acquired from a couple tests.
    With an Old Star weapon in hand, then you need to obtain crystals and iron by salvaging old weapons and beating the floors of the Fortress of Souls. Crystals and Iron can be obtained by “salvaging” weapons in your inventory.
    • The Free Salvage will only give you iron and is recommended for weapons 1☆-3☆.
    • To obtain powders, shards, and crystals, you need to use Premium Salvage on which costs a flat 2,500 gold per weapon.
    • While all ranks of weapons can give crystal powders, crystal fragments, etc. It is recommended to only premium salvage 4☆, 5☆, or 6☆ weapons as the chance and number of crystal parts is much higher
    • As a rule of thumb, salvaging 4☆ weapons gives powder, 5☆ gives shards, and 6☆ gives crystals. However, it is possible to get powders, shards, or crystals from any of those ranks.
    • Old weapons can be premium salvaged for equal value to any other 5☆ weapon if you have a surplus of them.

    Weapon 1☆ 2☆ 3☆ 4☆ 5☆ 6☆
    Iron 50 80 130 220 360 600
    Crystals ? 1 powder 1 powder 1-7 powders or 1-3 shards 2-5 shards or 5-7 powder 2-5 crystals
    Listed below are the requirements to upgrade your Old Weapon into a random Legendary Weapon as well as the values for salvaging weapons.
    Crystal Iron Gold Sources
    4☆ 350 Powder 4,000 7,500 Floors 1-3, 4☆ Premium Salvage
    5☆ 330 Shards 8,000 15,000 Floors 5-7, 5☆ Premium Salvage
    6☆ 270 Crystals 16,000 30,000 Floors 8-10, 6☆ Premium Salvage
    • Once constructed, the upgrade slot options will be randomized as well, meaning you could receive a combination of Attack, Defense, or Function slots.
    • Each legendary weapon has 2 slots, and once it is upgraded to 5☆, the 1st level passive ability is unlocked.
    • At 6☆ a 2nd level, strengthened passive ability is unlocked.

    To see the complete listing of the Legendary Soul Bound weapons and their passives, click here.

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    Fortress of Souls Dungeon
    The dungeon itself has 10 floors of increasing difficulty. All floors have some small waves at the start before eventually fighting the bosses which were characters owned by the last week’s Colosseum Top 10.
    The first 1-4 floors are relatively “easy” and can usually be completed with a single 6☆ or even a team of strong 4☆/5☆ heroes. At the 5th floor, the difficulty suddenly increases as the bosses’ levels jump from 15 to 50. For these floors it will be necessary to bring PvP ready teams to properly defeat the bosses.
    There’s also another large difficulty increase at stages 9 & 10 as there are several World Bosses that will need to be defeated before you reach the bosses.
    • On floor 9 there are mini-Ascended Obelisk and Fenriruth (same damage, but lower HP).
    • On floor 10 there are mini-Ascended Kr@nus, Magnax, and DioNemesis.

    General strategies and team builds for each floor will follow further in the guide.
    If you can’t beat every floor, do not worry as only floors 1-4 drop crystal powders which are needed to get your Soul Bound weapon collection started.

    The levels and rewards can be found in the table below.
    Stage Name Reward Level
    1 The Gates 1 8x Powder 6☆ lvl 8
    2 The Gates 2 12x Powder 6☆ lvl 15
    3 The Gates 3 20x Powder 6☆ lvl 15
    4 The Dark Hall 1 30x Powder 6☆ lvl 15
    5 The Dark Hall 2 10x Shard 6☆ lvl 50
    6 The Dark Hall 3 15x Shard 6☆ lvl 50
    7 The Wall 1 30x Shard 6☆ lvl 60
    8 The Wall 2 8x Crystal 6☆ lvl 60
    9 The Wall 3 10x Crystal 6☆ lvl 60
    10 The Grand Gallery 15x Crystal 6☆ lvl 90
    General Strategy
    Fortress of Souls is hard. It’s an end-game dungeon meant for players who have finished most of the game content, and if you are trying the beat the whole dungeon without using jewels to refresh your heroes, it requires a wide pool of high level heroes.
    However, even if you can’t get through the whole dungeon or only have a handful of 5☆s and 6☆s, you can at least get started farming powder on the early stage or even prolong your roster’s abilities through good resource management. Planning out your dungeon run really helps, and here are some strategies and team compositions that might help you.
    1. Most level 60, 6☆ DPS heroes can beat the early stages of the dungeon solo. Thus, it isn’t necessary to bring more than 1 for stages 1-3. From stage 4 onward, certain 6☆ heroes will be able to solo effectively (e.g. Hikari, Lilith, etc).
    2. Prolong some early fights. On some levels, especially the early ones, the enemies might not do very much damage to you, or if you have a priest, you can easily out heal their damage. Rather than blowing these waves up with ease, it’s best to slowly build up blocks, special skills, and Goddess skill bars for your showdown with the boss. Even though there might be 3x 6☆ waiting for you at the end, if you have a bunch of Magic Storms, Heaven Slashes, Phoenix Feathers, or Overdrives that you can unleash on them as soon as the match starts, you can win with just a single 6☆ unit.
    3. Ration your 6☆ heroes. Don’t use your best 6☆ pvp/world boss team for the first floor as you won’t be able to use any of them later. Usually one 6☆ hero is enough to beat the first few floors.
    4. Priests are a valuable class in the dungeon. Most players don’t have more than a few 6☆ priests and there are 10 floors of fairly difficult PvE waves. It is recommended (if you are trying to complete the whole dungeon) to save your 6☆ priests for later floors when they will be more critical and burst damage floors 1-4 or use lower level priests.
    5. Save the Blue Ones, Destroy the Purple. There are two types of pillars you’ll find in the dungeon. Those with a blue crystal on top and those with a purple crystal. The purple ones will buff the enemies on the screen and also block you from advancing till destroyed. The blues ones, if saved before they are destroyed, will increase the reward you receive by 50% (will be marked with a little emblem/medal on the finish screen.
    6. Bring good Damage. You can beat some of the early floors with a mixed team of 4☆,5☆, and 6☆s, but if you try this, your damage output has to have a great finishing skill to kill the bosses quickly before they overrun you. This is especially true of the first 3 floors which usually have a Hikari as the boss which will start shooting tornadoes at your team if she is not dealt with quickly.
    7. Heroes who excel at solo PvE like Hikari, Lilith, Archon, Sasquatch will also perform well here.

    IGN: 8crusade
    Website: - wiki, guides, team building, hero reviews
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    Part 2 Dungeon Stages: Tips and Team Compositions
    Below are breakdowns of the stages as well as team combinations that have been successful. It is by no means a complete list and your mileage may vary, but it should give you a better idea of what were feasible teams, and things you may have to look out for.
    In general, you are building PvE teams usually consisting of one tank (warrior or paladin), a priest, and a strong DPS hero. If you don’t have the character listed, sometimes they can be substituted for a character with a similar role, especially the warriors who are usually damage sponges. Also 5☆ teams listed below CAN beat the stage but it may be very very difficult with a high rate of failure. Please keep that in mind that you are in for a much harder fight if you try with those teams.
    Unless stated otherwise, the following should be assumed.
    • All characters are at the max level for their respective rank
    • The leader of the party is the first character listed.
    • If a skill is not listed, then the hero did not have a skill
    • All skills are abbreviated and will have a “t” in front if they were transcended; e.g. tMR means transcended Mana Recycle. Otherwise they are the max level, non-transcended skills.

    Stage 1 – The Gates 1
    It’s possible to beat this floor with 5☆ heroes, but good burst damage is necessary for the boss wave. The first wave is really easy and should be used to build up blocks for the boss wave.
    Waves Bosses
    2 6☆ lvl 8
    5☆ Mundeok 5☆ Vincent (WG) 5☆ Giparang (PF) Bella
    6☆ Sentinel (tWG) 4☆ Filler 4☆ Filler Bella
    6☆ Arona (BS) 4☆ R-9999 (FR) 4☆ B Sworden Bella
    5☆ Hikari (FLABSLAB) 5☆ Achilles (SoI) 5☆ Maxi (WG) Bella
    Stage 2 – The Gates 2
    It’s possible to beat this floor with 5☆ heroes but burst damage is necessary for the boss wave. The first two waves are easy and can be used to build up blocks.
    Waves Bosses
    3 6☆ lvl 15
    6☆ Sentinel (tWG) 4☆ Filler 4☆ Filler Bella
    5☆ Sasquatch (MS) 5☆ Kaori (HS) 5☆ Nightingale Dionne
    5☆ Nurspy(PoG) 6☆ Robin (PF) 4☆ Alexander Dionne
    Stage 3 – The Gates 3
    It’s possible to beat this floor with 5☆ heroes. The first wave is easy but the second wave is a bit tougher if using 5☆.
    Waves Bosses
    4 6☆ lvl 15
    5☆ Sasquatch (MS) 4☆ Leon 4☆ Rachel Prestina
    4☆ Mundeok (SoC) 4☆ Nurspy (PoG) 4☆ D’artagnan (OD) Dionne
    5☆ Sasquatch (MS) 4☆ Leon 4☆ Monte (W.Slash) Prestina
    5☆ Sigruna (tFRain) 5☆ Mew (EoG) 5☆ Cain (T.Veng) Dionne
    6☆ Maxi (tFWG) 4☆ Filler 4☆ Filler Prestina
    Stage 4 – The Dark Hall 1
    First wave can be taken slowly as the damage is low even with 5☆ heroes. On the 2nd/3rd wave there is a purple pillar that will buff enemies if left alone. You probably cannot take the 2nd wave onward slowly as the damage can be strong.
    Waves Bosses
    5 6☆ lvl 15
    6☆ Sentinel (tWG) 4☆ Mew 4☆ Alexander Prestina
    6☆ Sneak (tWG) 4☆ Woompa 5☆ B Sword Prestina
    5☆ Kaori (HS) 5☆ B Sword (HS) 6☆ Maria (tBD) Dionne
    5☆ Mundeok 6☆ Isabel (HS) 3☆ Lovely Chocolat Dionne
    5☆ Nurspy (PoG) 6☆ Robin (PF) 5☆ B Sword Dionne
    Stage 5 – The Dark Hall 2
    The level bosses increases greatly from 15 to 50, and stages from here on are much harder. This level has some hard hitting waves, but it can be taken more slowly once all enemies are beaten on the first two waves and just the tanks are left.
    Waves Bosses
    4 6☆ lvl 50
    6☆ Hikari (tFLABSLAB/PF) w/ lifesteal 5☆ Filler 5☆ Filler Dionne
    6☆ No.9 (WG) 6☆ Susanoo (HS) 6☆ Joan Prestina
    6☆ Dorothy (MS) w/Lifesteal 5☆ Stein (SoG) 5☆ Achilles (LoG) Dionne
    Stage 6 – The Dark Hall 3
    Stage 6 is a very difficult floor. There are lots of Tundra machine gunners that deal high physical damage which can quickly tear through even heroes with high armor. The early waves cannot be taken slowly as they will buff their damage and can wipe your team. If you bring Dionne, it is important to cast it before you can see the wave as it takes her a couple seconds to activate the miss chance.
    Waves Bosses
    – 6☆ lvl 50
    6☆ Kriemhild (tRH) w/Lifesteal 6☆ Alexander (HH) 6☆ Maria (tBD) Dionne
    6☆ Hikari (FLABSLAB) w/ lifesteal 5☆ Filler 6☆ Isabel Dionne
    6☆ Archon (tMR) w/Lifesteal 6☆ Mew (tEoG) 6☆ Alexander (HH) Dionne
    6☆ Korin (tMR) 5☆ Nightingale (Ress) 6☆ Thor (SoI) Sera
    Stage 7 – The Wall 1
    Early waves cannot be taken slow. There is a purple pillar on the third wave.
    Waves Bosses
    – 6☆ lvl 60
    6☆ Archon (tMR) w/Lifesteal 6☆ Gon (tPF) 6☆ Leon (FJ) Dionne
    6☆ Lilith (tMR) w/Lifesteal 5☆ Filler 6☆ Nightingale (EoG) Prestina
    6☆ Kriemhild (tRH) w/Lifesteal 6☆ Susanoo (tHS) 6☆ Maria (tBD) Dionne
    6☆ Yeowoodong (tEoG) 6☆ D’Artagnan (tLL) 6☆ Sneak (tWG) Dionne
    Stage 8 – The Wall 2
    First wave should not be taken slowly. Casts an AoE bubble which can destroy your team. There is a blue pillar at boss stage. If you save it you will get 50% reward.
    Waves Bosses
    – 6☆ lvl 60
    6☆ Sneak(tWG) 6☆ Mew (EoG) 6☆ Susanoo (HS) Sera
    6☆ Lilith (tMR) 5☆ Filler 6☆ Nightingale (EoG) Prestina
    6☆ Kriemhild (tRH) 6☆ Thor (SoI) 6☆ Maria (tBD) Dionne
    Stage 9 – The Wall 3
    Floor 9 has two World Bosses, Obelisk and Fenriruth. It is recommended to either bring really high burst damage with block generation or another solo World Boss team.
    Waves Bosses
    4 6☆ lvl 60
    6☆ Mundeok (SoI) 6☆ Yeowoodong (tEoG) 6☆ Nazrune (tMR) Sera
    6☆ Lilith (tMR) 5☆ Nazrune (tMR) 6☆ Nightingale (tEoG) Prestina
    6☆ Yeowoodong (EoG) 6☆ R-0 (FR) 6☆ Gon (PF) Sera
    Stage 10 – The Grand Gallery
    Floor 10 has three World Bosses, Kranu5, Magnax, and DioNemesis before the boss wave.

    10 is a really difficult stage, and it is recommended to either bring really high burst damage with block generation or a solo World Boss team. If you aren’t able to kill the bosses fast enough, they may destroy your team due to the buffs they’ll receive over time.

    Of the teams below, Yeo [L] (tEoG), Nazrune (tSM), Maria (tPoG), is arguably the fastest.
    Gon (tFR), Mew (tEoG), Mundeok [L] (tSoI) with Aubrey is a slow but successful SP draining team with a large supply of Shield of Invincibility. With Aubrey, the shield can be extended for a second giving your team a recurring 5 seconds of invincibility while also limiting the Boss’s special attacks with SP drain from Fire Rain. Credits to zKen and Skaitavia for discovering this method.
    Waves Bosses
    5 6☆ lvl 90
    6☆ Mundeok (tSoI) 6☆ Mew (tEoG) 6☆ Nazrune (tMR) Anut
    6☆ Yeowoodong (tEoG) 6☆ Nazrune (tSM) 6☆ Himiko (tSoG) Bella
    6☆ Yeowoodong (tEoG) 6☆ Nazrune (tSM) 6☆ Maria (tPoG) Dionne
    6☆ Mundeok (tSoI) 6☆ Gon (tFR) 6☆ Mew (tEoG) Aubrey
    FAQ & More Info
    My dungeon is not resetting! Help!
    If your dungeon is not resetting, you may need to restart CQ to allow it to update. So go to your Task Manager and close Crusaders Quest.
    There is a bug where if you are still doing the dungeon at 5PM PST (when the dungeon resets) it will refresh your heroes but not the dungeon. So don’t run Fortress of Souls last minute!
    Where can I see all the legendary weapons and passives?
    Find the complete listing of Soul Bound/Legendary Weapons here.
    If I make the top 10, how is my FoS team chosen?
    So if you reach the top 10 of the colosseum rankings, you’ll get featured in the next week’s Fortress of Souls dungeon! Congrats! 3 random 6☆ units will be selected from your heroes to be the bosses of one of the stages.

    Need more team compositions for the dungeon? Check out the CQ Subreddit’s Theory Crafting Thread!

    IGN: 8crusade
    Website: - wiki, guides, team building, hero reviews
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      Hey, Luckycrits. You probably remember me from your website.

      This is still one of the most helpful guides I've come across for CQ. I've managed to put together enough teams to clear up to stage 6 thanks to this. The only stage I had problems with was the 1st using Sentinel (with tWG) and 2 4* fillers. I ended up having to switch one of the dps fillers I had with a 5* Mew in order to make it. Though perhaps it's because I didn't have any additional training on Sentinel. I might try it again with +2 sometime, though I'm still focusing my bread usage on my PvC team.

      The format of this guide is really good.


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        Hey Ahlor!

        Yup, I do! Thanks for the compliment, I appreciate the support Yea my Sentinel has +2 bread in him, so that may have made it easier for my team.

        Let me know if you have any other questions!


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          This is a great guide. Is there any chance of an update now that there's a Roland in nearly every floor? I find I can't quite handle as many floors anymore since I need to use my 6*s a lot earlier.Any tips or tricks?


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            Hi Joolie, thanks! Looking into writing an update for the guide though I'm still experimenting. There are certain heroes who are good counters for Roland specifically (stuns, Kriemhild, Maria, Stanya) but since the hero pool in FoS is limited, I've been testing with Goddesses. Unfortunately Aubrey doesn't work, and Anut works for a brief moment to remove Roland's buff (if you see him healing, need to debuff him), but it's still tough. Prestina actually works pretty well if your team only has ranged heroes at the boss wave as Roland won't activate his passive until he is in range of your heroes.

            That's what I have for now, but will look into it further with the latest update.