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How to Power Level: A Guide

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  • How to Power Level: A Guide

    This post is meant to give you some strategies to power level in Crusader Quest.

    1) Farm Honor. To do this go to the dungeon and find the level where honor drops. The best combination is a 4 key honor level and 2 three key honor levels totaling 170 honor. Alternatively, do 3 key dungeons totaling 150 honor. Since a full key regen happens every 2.5 hours you could farm 680 honor in a ten hour day. If you dont want to sleep then you could farm 1632 honor every 24 hours without using gems.

    2) Coleseum. You can farm honor here too. What's important about coleseum is progression to the next league. Bronze nets you 3 gems, silver 6, and gold 10. Most of us won't make it to the elite status, where the top 5% of players get 55 gems! And the 1st place guy gets 100 gems. If you want a complete break down of coleseum rewards click on "rank" after you have entered the coleseum. Also, dont be afraid to use those boosts for gold they offer before a tough battle. The price/benefit ratio is worth it. Also, don't be ashamed to stop if you are faced against two opponents you can't win against: it's all about progression, and losing sets you back big time.

    3. Milk and experience. My startegy with milk is to use it when I have several heroes I need trained. Although, there is a trick to this. You only need to spend 5 gems on a 2 hour milk, use up all your meat, and then just refill your meet for 1 gem. This strategy becomes much more price effective at high levels for replenishing meat and cranking out the subsequent experience.

    4) Gems and using them. Early on gems are best saved up to 40 to spend them on 240K gold. This essentially removes any gold limtitaions when you are first training your heroes. I've only bought the 240K gold package 3 times, and I've never really needed gold. Spend it wisely. Late game, save gems up to 50, you'll need this for 10 premium contracts which becomes inportant for unlocking some of the more advanced skills.

    5) Bakery. Early on you only need the 7 hour oven on repeat. Late game switch to the 24 hour oven. Simple as that.

    6) Bread usage. Always calculate the exact amount of bread you'll need to max train a hero, or otherwise you will waste bread. Bread is very precious late game. Always set your great rate to 100. This means you'll get a 50% bonus on the total. It is best used with heroes who need to be trained from level 3 and up with your best breads. The more stars your hero has the more expensive it is to train, so save your high value breads for your 5 and 6 star heroes.

    7) Salvage or sell weapons? Early on you need to sell. Once you can take down a level 3 world boss then start salvaging the junk weapons you get. Never salvage a golden old weapon that can be forged. You may need it someday if you change your strategy.

    I didn't proof read this, so sorry for any typos.
    In game name: Nephalum
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