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    When first started...we would get 50 gems. We should spend it on premium contract to roll out the premium characters to train

    ✨Honor: we can get Honor by participating in Colosseum, the more we play Colosseum,our points increase we can promote from bronze,silver,gold and master. These would reset weekly and rewards would be given out as gems.

    🍼Milk : milk is like a exp boost. It boosts your exp by 2x. Better spent the milk wisely on quest to maximize the gain. Rmb to spend in full meat. We could also use 2 gem to refill it if its worth the cost

    🔪🔫Heroes: when the hero is max, we can get 1 gem for free which would be useful if you want to farm gem for premium contract. Train it with food to promote to the next star. 3* character would be promoted to a newly different master hero of the same clan
    Remember to take the daily allowance and the free gift during events. Play quest to master your hero. Use your high classed friends for quest which cannot be won.

    😈Dungeon: every friday and Saturday would be thr bread dungeon. Tap of the monster profile to check the chain damage either 1 chain,2 or 3.use 2 healers and one mage which can shoot down objects like meteor or nukes or ice Archon sasquatch would be the best

    On sunday would be the goblin chest.for gold to train with bread
    With this..happy crusading
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