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Weekly Bread & Gold Dungeon Guide

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  • Weekly Bread & Gold Dungeon Guide

    Bread Storage is a special weekly dungeon where can easily earn bread staring from 1 star to 6 star which depends on luck or RNG.
    It consists of 10 floor Ancient Dungeon where each dungeon might need different method to counter it such as Number of Blocks Hit and normal hit those. Please Take Note that, use a formation hero which can fire many shots for one block instead of 1 shot for 1 block only.
    For Eg, 8th Floor need 2 BLOCKS only. New Players can kindly click on the enemy logo there and have a tip stating how many block it requires.

    Event Time : Every Week From : 01:00am GMT Friday until 01:00am Sunday (UTC +1, 09:00am MST, 10:00am KST, 17:00 PST).

    Suggested Hero : Santa Claus, Lovely Chocolate, Archon and so so ...
    A Good Link to Calculate Bread :

    As For Money Dungeon which is known as Goblin's Secret Storage, it is also a 10 floor dungeon where GOLD is the only rewards. Lack of Gold ? Spend your keys at Sunday Gold Dungeon.
    Event Time : Sunday 1:00 a.m. GMT and remains open for 24 hours.(17:00 PST / 09:00 MST / 10:00 KST)

    IGN : Yolo322

    If i have miss out any important contents, please feel free to comment below to let me know, I will edit it as soon as possible.
    And feel free to add me in the game...
    Daily CQ Player .... =)