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  • [SB Weapons Tier List]

    Disclaimer: If you want to use this guide, please give credits to me

    Note: this is my list, take this as a guideline.

    The list is in order from best to worst (you can takes this as guideline to see which old weapon has the best potential to get a good weapon and which one that is not)

    Edit: now with possible conversion slot. I use abbreviation:
    A: Attack
    D: Defense
    F: Function
    For example: AD mean att def on the weapon slot

    BIG P.S: Some SBWs are under review (Wilhem), I will put my initial impression on here first

    1. The best: Old Orb (healer weapon)
    2 OP weapon, 5 very good, 3 good SBW
    Why old orb still the best? because you can actually get any conversion and be done with it, healer is not very picky about their slot. usually they will die last or second last before paladin, so no, def is not always needed. Especially since now there is evasion, even FF Healer will be good

    1.1 Himiko: 75% attack reduction, 75% chance for her passive (cast a chain 3 to the back) to trigger
    Her passive is counted as true chain 3 and can triggers chasers (not giving 60SP though)

    Conversion slot: All Conversion (Himi healing also based on hero Attack power)

    1.2 Mew: Invincible for 5 times and immune to debuff for 1 time every time you heal your ally (for the healed ally which is 1 ally at a time)
    Mew healing sequence: all full HP -> front line. allies hurt -> the one who has the least HP

    Conversion slot: All Conversion

    1.3 Tie between Dara, Stein, Nightingale, Woompa and Nurspy SB weapons
    Stein: after ally chain 3, when stein use his block, he will give a leader a big robot (for 5 seconds)that gives attack buff and the robot will direct all damage to the leader. while the big robot is on, the leader HP cannot drop below 1% (cannot die).
    Conversion slot:
    All Conversion

    Dara: Can generate her own block when ally use c3 (just like mew). When passive activated, ally will use their c3 once they got healed 10 times.
    Conversion slot: All Conversion

    Nightingale: more OP healing, immune to stun for 5 secs

    Conversion slot: All Conversion

    Woompa: once every 10 secs (needs to use 1 block), he will cast all of his buffs (attack and def) + 50%
    Edit: IF you can hold out, this SBW is pretty awesome it will make your character more bulky and hit harder than ever

    Conversion slot: All Conversion

    1.4 Yeo: evasion 30% + 25% crit hit for 5 seconds for ally which their block generated by yeo
    Conversion slot: All Conversion

    1.5 Maria: 10% from max HP (one time heal)+ invincible for 2 times when maria remove debuff
    Maria is practically a counter for all debuffers. She is especially potent against Himiko

    Conversion slot: All Conversion except AA and AD (since her healing based on HP)

    1.6 Nurspy: damage reduction +50% (either damage reduced by 50% or reduce enemy attack power +50% to 52.5% (from 35%) and revive for 50% chance per 10 secs
    Conversion slot: All Conversion

    1.5 Chai: passive activated: +125% healing, when ally chain 3: deals magical damage 200% of Chai attack (every 2 secs)
    Conversion slot:
    All Conversion


    2. Old staff (Wizard)
    3 OP, 3 very good, 4 good SBW

    2.1 Lilith: Revive when died and gain buff when revived. The revive feature is already ON since the beginning of the round. so if she dead, she will be revived straight away (yes, no need to wait for 10 seconds) with 1 HP. And then she get 3 seconds of immunity and +50% attack power (imagine it as last resort). Imagine if enemy lilith dead, it will be revived straight away and then using MS to your team straight away.
    Conversion slot: AA AF
    AD or DD if you use trans Magic Storm

    2.2 Necron: Necron Ghost now will have 50% damage reduction built in and have 30% more stats than normal ghost.
    50% damage reduction is crazy. as NEcron can act as semi alex, his ghost can protect the whole team with mundeok passive on all the time
    Conversion slot: AD, DD, DF

    2.3 Rachel: 50% chance when using her passive, deals 480% damage + 10% heal
    Edit: change my mind, they buff rachel. after ally chain3, her next block damage will be tripled
    imagine: attack increase by 10%, then 480% tripled (1440%)
    50% chance for 1440%? worth it

    Conversion slot: AA AF

    2.4 Dorothy: Cat beam deals 100% for 5 secs when passive used + remove buffs.
    It shoots 1 beam per second and every beam will remove enemy passive
    Beware though, if you use your special block, it will interrupt the beam. but if your special skill ends before the 5 seconds duration, the cat will resume shooting the beam again
    Conversion slot: AA AF
    AD or DD if you use trans Magic Storm

    2.5 Mondrian *Bugged: When his passive activated, enemies attacked -50% resistance and debuffed enemies will receive 50% more damage
    Conversion slot: AA AF
    AD or DD if you use trans Magic Storm
    Bug: Not alway proc

    2.6 Sasquatch: more damage for Sas due to ice rain (300% damage per 3 secs when attacking stunned enemy)
    This SBW kill the enemy by stun locking them. slow but sure

    Conversion slot: AA AF

    2.7 Archon: 1-2 more sphere (mean longer and more damage) sphere +30-70%
    Conversion slot: AA AF

    2.8 Korin: +50% shield and + 20% critical chance of entire party for 5 seconds (the shield will be gone in 7 seconds if you cannot destroy it)
    Conversion slot: AA AD DD

    2.9 Alice: Instead of upgraded spade soldier, her passive will summon card that drops bomb equal to 350% att. The passive has 50% chance to stun for 1 second.
    Conversion slot: AA AF

    2.9 Nazrune: when passive activated, add more debuff on enemies: -15% accuracy - 10% crit hit chance and - 15% resistance. Then increase all debuff by 100%
    I am not sure how to see this, Naz need more damage, but her sbw makes her as ultimate debuffer.
    Conversion slot: AA AF


    3. Old Gun (Hunter)
    6 very good, 3 good, 1 bad SBW

    3.1 D'art: Her passive will gain +45% damage and gain +200 armor penetration
    Conversion slot: AA AF

    3.2 Crow: Passive +2 bullets (not fired at the same time as the first passive) and + 50% damage , crow needs to be in firing range before he can fire these 2 bullets.
    Edit: Oh God.. Crow SBW hurts, it does has puny range, but hits like a truck.
    Conversion slot: AA AF

    3.3 Mandy: add 1 more bullet, last bullet upgraded with +100% damage
    Conversion slot: AA AF

    3.4 Vincent: When his attack does a crit hit, reactivation +1, explosion chance +45%
    Edit: Changed my mind, his attack is super powerful (he lit throwing nukes. killing roland in 1 hit), but it takes time to build the momentum and it relies on critical hit (sometimes it does not come out and mess up with your fight)
    Conversion slot: AA AF

    3.5 No.9: Bullet cannot miss, add +2 attack when does crit hit. the extra bullet will always deal crit damage
    Conversion slot: AA AF

    3.6 Wilhem: 200% damage for every 2nd shackle bomb. Reduce enemy's armor and resist penetration (?) for 50% for 3 seconds
    Conversion: AA AF

    3.7 Sneak: Increase chance of explosion by 15% and summon robot after 10th explosion (not that useful in pvp as usually enemy will be dead before 10th explosion)
    Note: Some people reported Sneak SBW is not as good as they think esp in Colo, this is due it takes a lot of explosion to summon the robot, and usually, sneak can win the round with few blocks (therefore there is no need to summon the robot)
    Conversion slot: AA AF

    3.8 Maxi: Passive activated: attack power +50% effect duration +3 secs (they never tell us how long her passive duration.. and now they said +3 secs lol), and applied to all allies
    Increase damage for all ally is definitely good, the ability makes her team very dangerous
    Conversion slot: AD DD DF

    3.9 Sentinel: After sentinel use his chain 3, the next 2 blocks (without sbw it is 1) will be treated as chain 3 (without giving 60sp). the satellite will deal bigger AoE damage (600%)
    I think I like this guy, but he is kinda slow and only hits front line. tried him in practice and the satellite damage hurts a lot
    Conversion slot: AA AF

    3.10 Spyro: Once every 10 secs: summon CBR-18 (mot sure how many attacks) 50% magic damage + 50% passive applied
    Why bad? 10 seconds is just too slow

    Conversion slot: AA AF


    4. Old Sword (Warrior)
    2 OP, 5 very good, 1 good, 1 bad SBW

    5.1 Monte: his passive gain additional 1 activation, +1 more attack, crit chance +20%
    Edit: Change my mind. His damage is massive when he has his SBW. Too bad he has very small HP, but in a right team, he is very deadly support
    Conversion slot: AA AF

    5.2 Abel: Add 50% damage to reflection. on 5th reflect, add 40% of his HP to physical damage (once every 2 secs)
    His counter Hurts a lot
    Conversion slot: DD AD DF
    Why AD? because A can be used for armor penetration since his SBW passive add 40% of his HP to PHYSICAL damage (therefore armor penetration is useful)

    5.3 Joan: Everytime passive activated (basically using any of her block) she will be immune to physical attack for 8 times and recover HP for 2% (not sure for how many seconds? I assume 5 seconds? Same time with her passive duration?)
    Conversion slot: AD DD DF (I put AD since joan use dancing blade, so A is definitely not a bad thing even though it is not maximum)

    5.4 Vivian: Her passive will deal +75% damage, +15% life steal and crit damage +30%
    She got a ton of damage before, now she get even more damage and life steal too

    Conversion slot: AA AD

    5.5 Susanoo: 30% chance: +90% attack, next 3 seconds auto attack becomes chain 3 (cannot trigger chasers)
    Now after the fix he is scary. without any HP setback, adding 90% attack and next 3 seconds auto becomes chain 3, he deals tons of damage

    Conversion slot: AA AF AD (life steal to reduce damage from his SBW)

    5.6 Sworden: +1 passive activation, the last passive deals 2x damage to enemies
    Conversion slot: AA AD

    5.7 Isabel: Add evasion when she get her passive (25% on chain 1 and 2. 70% on chain 3)
    Conversion Slot: AA, AD, AF

    5.8 Uzimant: Every 3rd of auto attack. Uzi will dealing dash damage. also, he get a buff (150% increase in attack for 5 secs) everytime he use his chain 3 and this buff cannot be removed
    Note: during his buff (after chain 3), his buff cannot be removed (even by anut) and his buff also gives him protection towards stun (not sure if it works towards other debuffs or not)
    Note: whoa. this hero turns from 0 to hero. he cannot be stunned and hits really hard especially if you add attack speed on him.
    Conversion slot: AD AA AF DF

    5.9 Leon: his passive gain +100% damage, +100 armor penetration, and crit chance+25%
    Same as Vivian, but leon is not as good as Vivian, so he is still below her in this list

    Conversion slot: AA AD AF

    5.10 Kaori: after doing crit hits, she will do a slash that covers the entire lower half of the screen
    Her passive looks OK, some said she can be good but personally, I don't think it will be awesome

    Conversion slot: AA AF AD


    5. Old Hammer (Paladin)
    1 OP, 4 very good, 2 good, 2 OK, 1 bad SBW

    4.1 Alex: immune to magic damage 8 times + 30% healing amount every time he do his passive (basically, using his block will trigger his passive)
    Conversion slot: DD DF (add evasion on that F)

    4.2 Stanya: When counter attacking she will deals additional PHYSICAL DAMAGE based on 150% enemy's armor. Her counter also remove buffs
    this weapon is slow.. and that physical damage based on 150% enemy's armor means the additional damage will not be as great as I thought except if stanya has + armor penetration. I put her really high since she can remove buffs
    Conversion: AD DD DF

    4.3 Thor: 2 lightning for 1 passive activation, 3 lightning spark which did 20% damage
    That lightning deals magical damage now. A is needed for resist penetration

    Conversion slot: AD DD

    4.4 Drake *Bugged: His passive effect +50% (45% crit hit. When an ally do crit hit, sadly this doesn's affect the shield)
    Let me add one thing, 6 stars Drake SBW will attack with tidal waves when his passive goes off. this tidal wave damage equal to his shield (that means 50% of his HP per attack)
    Conversion slot: DD DF
    Bug: Even Yeo can proc his passive (without crit hits) just do: drake block -> chain 3 ally -> then do drake block really fast and he can proc his own shield (and tidal wave)

    4.5 Kriemhild: Her last passive +300% damage (AoE attack which looks like an ouroboros)
    322% + 380% +380% + 680% damage for 1 chain 3

    Conversion slot: AD DD DF

    4.6 Cain: Deals 150% more damage when attacking debuffed enemy. his chain 3 (remember he has 65% to trigger chain 3) will deal additional damage based on 150% of Cain's resistance
    Conversion slot: AD DD DF

    4.7 Mundeok: When passive activated, all allies excluding mundeok will have damage reduced by 25%. when allies use chain 3 for 3 times. mundeok will deal physical damage 200% from his resistance

    Conversion alot: AD DD

    4.8 V: 100% chance reduce 50% damage when the chain 3 dash. Increase Crit hit chance by 25%
    Not sure what CQ think.. V needs more damage and her SBW doesn't help her at all
    Conversion slot: AD DD

    4.9 Vane: Damage +45%, Cooldown -1
    Why OK? Because Vane is not that good to begin with. even with 45% damage increase, I'm not sure whether it will give a lot of impact or not

    Conversion slot: AA AD DD

    4.10 Achilles: Attack from backside too, reduce crit hits chance
    Why bad: Overshadowed by other paladin SB weapon. Only good to reduce enemies SP, not excel in anything other than that

    Conversion slot: AD DD DF


    6. Old Bow (Archer)
    NOTE: I will gonna say this before you read archer section, I put archer at the bottom because not many of this weapon will have an impact in the game (PVP) except 1 of them. As you know, not many PVP built around archer. They are forgotten job, even with their good SB weapon, it will not going to change the fact they are not useful

    1 OP, 6 very good, 3 good SBW

    6.1 Hanzo: His passive attack will deal +50% physical, and the dagger +4. this guy is a MASSIVE damage dealer, removing enemy buff, destroy their armor, then, throwing 4 shurikens that penetrates the enemies (chain 2 or above) and deal damage equal to 10% of his HP each hit
    Conversion slot: DD DF AD

    6.3 Arona: When her passive activated, she will summon 2 yellow dragons with 50% more power
    she deals TONS of damage however her passive is hard to trigger
    Conversion slot: DD AD DF

    6.3 Hikari: Instead of 5 auto, now she can fire her passive every 3rd auto. after 5 passive, she will shoot wolf spirit that decrease enemy's resistance by 50% (permanent or temporary debuff? and deals 300% damage
    Conversion slot: AA AF

    6.4 Magnus: When Magnus passive activated, he has 30% chance to summon bigger tree that deals +40% more damage, which also will make magnus get one of his block instantly
    Conversion: AA AF

    6.5 Robin: when her passive does a crit hit, she will fire another passive + 1 arrow, and stun the enemies for 1 second (green elf anyone?)
    Good way to bring robin back to the game

    Conversion slot: AA AF

    6.6 Sigurna: When her passive activated, +3 arrows (total 10 arrows) +25% damage
    Conversion slot: AA AF

    6.7 Gon: When passive activated, there is 45% chance to summon tiggar (tiggar will do dragon breath which deals 700% physical and recover 2SP per hit to gon )
    Edit: opps, it seems there is a problem with translation. gon is still good guys, the description means, for every each of her block, she can get up to 2 chain 3 to trigger her passive (each chain 3 will trigger 1 passive) she is good and back
    Conversion slot: AA AF

    6.8 Niven: when she use her passive, enemy that got hit by her ice arrow will be frozen by 5 seconds (instead of normal 3) her. if frozen enemy got damaged 5 times, the enemy will receive damage equal to 450% Niven's att (once every 2 secs)
    Conversion slot: AA AF

    6.9 Giparang: passive activated: next chain 3 will deal +100% damage and will reactivate his passive once
    Conversion slot: AA AF

    6.10 R-9999: explosion damage +50% and summon UWL7 (400% physical) after 10th explosion
    At the bottom since it takes a bit time to gather 10 explosions

    Conversion slot: AA AF

    If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me about it

    IGN: Tanto89
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    The Hunter list should be Maxi > D'art > Vincent > The rest.

    Maxi is the best weapon you can get from hunter SBW. She has to be leader in the first place who would've put her as a support? (no mundeok involve)
    Sneak SBW is terrible, in PVE u just spam his 1 block even before the enemy enter the screen. His SBW makes him hit nothing when the enemy is still offscreen.
    Crow SBW is the worst in the game. (Find it on youtube if you dont believe me)

    Archer SBW IMO is more worth to get than the rest of the weapon except priest SBW.

    Sigruna SBW adds alot more damage to her currently is and has a very cool animation.
    Hanzo SBW make him top tier once you reach 6*. He has been my favorite hero ever since I got his SBW to 6*. He can be used to clear FOS 10 with the right team.
    I dont have Robin SBW but I heard alot of good feedback about it.
    The rest are just decent.


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      Nice guide but it takes ages for me to get crystals from FoS. Which also means that it takes forever for me to get 6 stars soulbound weapons D:
      Any recommendations on the teams to clear stages 9 and 10 in FoS? I don't have Naz in my collection sadly


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        Originally posted by Tanto89

        first question, have you ever saw someone use maxi?
        that is the only question you need to know why I put her in the middle. I rarely (should I say almost never?) saw maxi in colo
        those +50% in attack power I doubt it is for the whole attack power, it is meant to be +50% from 6% of HP (in colo, all buff that use HP attack or def will use their default value)

        If you take d'art, and sneak sbw
        d'art +45% damage and +200 armor penetration, I can kill enemies even before maxi can use her chain 3
        sneak while you might won't use his robot (and why do you even need to use sneak in pve, he is too brittle for quest and not strong enough in FoS) but that 15% increase in explosion chance is a lot, that alone worth the upgrade. If the battle drags, you can always relying on his robot

        About crow, yes, they change his passive which is why it is not that good now, before, crow can use his passive automatically (yes, that means with sbw, 3 bullets in a row which deals 271% each, that is 813% wthout using any of hia block) but they change it right now so you need to use crow's block to activate the bonus and you need to be in range in order to shoot, but, again, in colo,you will always be in range, and now his passive is 3 auto attack (5 including sbw) will deal 200% damage each. That is 1000% and don't forget to add the fact that the weapon also gives 50% increase in damage and explosion damage

        vincent is good in pve, that is because he will left behind while shooting all of his bullets. But really, have you tried it in colo? I have 6 stars vincent and I regret it. Why? This guy is as slow as snail add 2 bullets will make it worse

        I am grading this based on PVP (as I said before above) and archer has almost no impact in PVP except hikari (and she doesn't has soulbound yet), they fall short against alex which is very popular in colo

        I can do FoS (yes stage 1-10) without using even a single archer (archer that I really use is hikari and that is for stage 5 and that is because I have her as a spare)

        Again, sigurna needs to be a leader, with her sbw, she is good, but still can't pass through alex. Which is why it is a waste to use her as a leader

        Robin on the other hand she lose her usefulness before, but now, she is back, with stun in her hand (she becomes green elf and if you have ever fought a green elf, it is irritating as ****) if I have her sbw, I will show you **** that sigurna can't show, it will be stun parade

        And gon, why gon above sigurna? That is because initially, she is already good,she is a very good support which deals damage (similar to robin) and gives 20SP (12SP in colo) to leader and herself (better than joan)
        Add the fact that she can deal 700% damage to all of your enemies and cannot be stunned, she is a support that can be as good or better than the leader (such as naz)

        You finished stage 10 FoS with hanzo? May I know the team? hanzo looks promosing if he can clear stage 10 FoS. I am using alex yeo naz to clear stage 10

        I didn't see you mentioning SBW for colloseum, so I'll read it as SBW for general.
        D'art and Sneak only add little bit of damage if you compare it to devil hunter. getting devil hunter is so much easier than getting "Perfect" sneak/d'art weapon while the add damage is insignificant.
        Maxi, however, she is rarely seen in colloseum thats why I rate her for her PVE, but colloseum is different than PVP. in PVP, you will find much variety of team as you are playing against a player not AI. I find any good synergy can beat any team in colloseum if you know how to time your block and goddess (of course with proper lv too).

        If its for crow, he still got the worst sbw in the game. nobody using him in PVP/colo anyway. I've seen maxi more than crow in coloseum. The fact that He is glass cannon and need to be in range for his passive to proc is just no-no. Again PVP and colloseum is different so maybe you can still pull it off in colloseum but not in PVP.

        I think you misunderstand my comment about archer. I'm not saying that you cannot clear FOS from 1 to 10 without archer. it is indeed doable. What I mean is Priest should be the first to be prioritize because how useful priest in general situation. After that is archer weapon, instead of the rest.

        The damage that sigruna deal with her SBW is insane. She is a fun character to use and her SBW has a very cool animation too. Its not true that she cannot penetrate alex. Given max Resist pen in her weapon will hurt so much.
        I didnt put sigruna above robin. I only point out which archer SBW that actually good. Robin SBW indeed is good.
        For gon, even though His SBW add 700% damage, his base damage is low. It also didnt burn offscreen too.

        Hanzo cleared FOS 10.
        Team - Yeow Hanzo Stein.


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          For a more broad overview -


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            Originally posted by Tanto89 View Post
            2.5 Rachel: 50% chance when using her passive, deals 480% damage + 10% heal
            Why bad? Because it is still a chance
            Rachel's SBW is awesome... regardless of the 50% chance activation, her damage output is much much higher than Nazrune. I can clear FoS B10F much quicker than using Nazrune. I would definitely recommend Rachel's SBW and in a way better than the other Wizard SBW in terms of improving the hero's DPS, definitely turns her from a meh hero into a a hero that could replace even Nazrune's DPS. Too bad she is still squishier than Nazrune, but who cares if she can kill most enemies before they can even attack (PvE wise, PvP is another story).

            Did some testings with them in FoS B10F side by side.

            Rachel +3 Training (SBW using Atk/Func - CD +86.5% / 20.25% CC), Naz is +MAX training (Superior Staff - HA +28.75% / HA +22% / R.Pen +287).

            NOTE: Mind you, Nazrune's beasts knocks up enemies, which can cause some of Hanzo's attacks to miss, yet he's still able to do that much damage with Naz on the team.

            NOTE: Rachel's attacks don't knock up enemies and the bats pierce and fly through enemies travelling as far as Nazrune's beasts would off screen. Hanzo dealt less damage with Rachel's ability to kill enemies far quicker than Nazrune. And that's with no HA upgrades on her SBW... so imagine her with an Atk/Atk SBW.
            Last edited by melionus; 06-13-2015, 12:02 PM.


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              Originally posted by Tanto89

              when you compare rachel with naz, you know that naz is without sbw right? I always use yeo nax alex without any problem in FoS
              it is much easier to get naz than rachel and her 6 stars sbw (Esp that 6 stars sbw)
              yes, I partnered with rachel in WB and she is very good.

              I think they buff rachel right now, before she don't have the last bit of "after ally chain 3, her next block will gain x3 damage"
              will review her again and I think she will go up in the ladder for sure (the main thing is, 50% chance for 1440% is just good esp with yeo. but I think it is too slow in colo)
              thanks for the info
              Of course I know Naz is without SBW, and it is just because of that we all know how OP Naz is which is why I compare to Naz due to his insane passive being able to deal an easy 675% dmg with a single block without a SBW, which is why so many use him as a DPS over the many other wizards out there in his category. He's as strong as if not stronger than most heroes, even most heroes with SBW can't compete.

              Strictly talking about how much a single SBW can improve a hero, Rachel is up there if not better than the other SBW of the same class.


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                In PVE wise Maxi is AWESOME!, Maxi with tWG and Prestina can prevent any enemy from coming near making her one of the best solo hunters for FOS since her 3 chain simply knockback enemy. I use her to clear FOS stage 6 with 2 cannon fodder.


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                  They removed the "immuune to stun" for Kriemhild SBW without informing. WTH...
                  Account Name: Dazmont
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                  Give me a pm in this forum so that i will know who you are~


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                    Originally posted by DesmondLee View Post
                    They removed the "immuune to stun" for Kriemhild SBW without informing. WTH...
                    That gonna suck so much... Hope not many make kriemhild 6* sbw with those freebies last week


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                      ^ i'm 1 of the victim... (T.T)
                      Account Name: Dazmont
                      Feel free to add~~
                      Give me a pm in this forum so that i will know who you are~


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                        ouch, really.. they remove it, that's sucks. I wonder why they remove it, it is not like the attack will do a sure kill to enemies..


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                          Why is Sasq so low? Idk about the others but his 6* can activate his passive, in which can reactivate his sbw passive, and on and on. Yea pvp he might not stand up to the fast block users, in colo he can wreck havoc (haven't lost once with him). Not saying to move up, but just give it a lil more thought, he can solo world boss 3 and under with his inf stun (wb4 cant be stunned if im right).


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                            Originally posted by PoFolks View Post
                            Why is Sasq so low? Idk about the others but his 6* can activate his passive, in which can reactivate his sbw passive, and on and on. Yea pvp he might not stand up to the fast block users, in colo he can wreck havoc (haven't lost once with him). Not saying to move up, but just give it a lil more thought, he can solo world boss 3 and under with his inf stun (wb4 cant be stunned if im right).
                            If you check it again, I said sas weapon is "good" (compared to other which I sad bad). I am not saying his sbw awful, but he loses out in term of damage, and even in term of stun if you compare his sbw with other wizards sbw

                            Lilith: revive with 1 hp, gain 3 secs invincibility and +50% attack. Believe me, you don't want to be caught when thinking yes I won then lilith revive and magic storm your party. Got into that situation once. And not even joan and alex can hold off that magic storm

                            Dorothy cat beam deals damage over time and remoce buff which very good against many buffers in the game. It removes alex protection, thor buff, drake and korin's shield (not if korin has her sbw though). Yes she is a little bit slow, but when she hits, she makes sure to hit it hard

                            Rachel bat storm can do some crazy damage. Yes it is 50% chance. But if you do get it (50% is high in this game) you can kill all of enemy's team in one hit (yes, my + max alex can't even hold out)

                            Korin shield becomes thicker and cannot be removed by anut or any heroes that can use dispell, add anut into that korin team and you could say it will be a very very troublesome team.

                            Archon + tMR is a classic combo to stun lock the enemies. Here is when I said sas lose out in term of damage and stun. Archon spheres can stun enemyes much longer thanks to her additional 1-2 spheres and can kill much faster due to 40%-100% damage. I can beat stage 10 fos with her (stun useless there so you can see the diff in damage), I don't think sas can do that

                            Note: they changed archon.. before it was 30-70% damage. Now 40-100% damage


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                              Maria's SBW is 3 chaser. It heals 10% + with one block, if used after ally uses 3 blocks. With +2 maria it heals about 500 to all ally with one block if triggered after ally 3 blocks, in my wxperience.