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  • Need help!

    hi i'm kinda new to this game and i find it highly addictive, i even bought some jewels along the way
    the problem is i am having a hard time building the right team as it seems to me i lost more pvp battle than i have won

    initially i was using robin hood, yeo(L), and alex but the damage output seems too low and i dont really know why
    which heroes should i focus on? i'm thinking of sasquatch since it will unlock magic storm or maybe robin hood to be dps
    pls help!!

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    Leon, Nurspy, Alex. You are short of strong firepower characters
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      Leon / Woompa / Saq
      Leon / Woompa / Robin
      Leon / Woompa / Alex
      Leon / Nurpsy / Alex
      Leon / Nurpsy / Saq
      Leon / Nurpsy / Robin
      Yeo / Robin / Saq
      Yeo / Robin / Alex

      A few possible combinations you could use. It's good you have invested in a healer, however the issue we have is that the healer you invested in is a Main type (Yeo, block generator) and your strongest DPS hero at the moment is Leon, also main type. If I were you, you already have a decent amount of tank via Yeo + Alex, you could roll a few mages to see if you can get a Nazarune.

      Yeo / Robin / Naz
      Yeo / Alex / Naz

      Either of those work rather well, activating a Yeo 3 chain, and following with Naz and/or Robin. When building teams look at abilities and how they function together. I would say "level leon" as he is a very strong individual character and can easily carry you into hard mode and some colo with 5*, however synergy will often beat out brute. So find heroes that function together well and work from that.

      Yeo generates blocks, and easily hits 3 chains, and robin works well with her, easily activating his own blocks after yeos 3 chain, However, alex doesn't contribute much here, he's just a tank. Naz or Isabel would contribute better to your Yeo/Robin comp but sadly you have neither. >.o Roll a few more 3*>4* mages and see if you cant rip either Archon or Naz. Either can make your colo runs easily better.
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        thanks for the advice!!
        i just got archon, sneak, and mew from promoting and i think i'm gonna go for archon and mew and pair them with alex when i get him to 6*
        still trying for nazrune or lilith though, they are like OP to me lol
        and is leon that worth? i dont really like him cause his range is so low, and not that tanky either..


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          6 star them and you see. Leon's armor and HP is high. He doesn't get one shot by Sneak or D'art easily. He summons a giant sword every 3 blocks. Can consider Archon and Sneak to swap in for now
          Account Name: Dazmont
          Feel free to add~~
          Give me a pm in this forum so that i will know who you are~


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            with the way things are and the state of colo right now your best bet would be Alex/Mew/Archon.. if you can get Dionne it would be nice and can help you with some dangerous team comps like Susanoo, Sneak and No. 9.. just change up Goddesses once in awhile according to purpose cause there would be tricky teams that can literally hurt you.. back when R - 0 was a beast that she was mage teams were laughable but now I see a resurgence since she was nerfed pretty badly.. but experience is the best teacher after all so do not be afraid of trying out stuff and builds in Colo and hopefully it can help you improve..