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How to beat Thor and Korin?

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  • How to beat Thor and Korin?

    This team composition is my worst nigthmare and cant even deal with them.

    How are you supposely beat them? Mostly when they are using Shield of invicibility, Sera/Anut.

    My team are :
    Alex + 2 SoI , Mew +2 EoG , Archon +2 tMR , Sera or Anut ;
    Vivian +3 AoP , Mew ^ , Nazrune MS , Bella.

    Even using anut, is not helping at all, the Shield and Counter just make it impossible.

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    Activate Anut before you use your strongest attack.
    Or... bring along Sneak or D'art if you have and use Bella to amplify damage.
    For TSOI... you got no other choice other than wait... lolz
    If their team is using Dionne as goddess, have fun~~ lolz
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      My line-up is Korin-Lilith-Thor and opponents who stun my team constantly fast enough usually win.
      So I guess massive stuns work against Thor-Korin ^^

      Spam the skills of Dionne, Alex and Mew while letting Archon build up her chain-3 blocks.
      Once 3 sets of chain-3 blocks are accumulated, spam them all in waves of chain-3 to generate permanent stun
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        The solution is Roland, he will stun that entire team back when he get hit enough, but maybe he is going to get nerf soon.


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          lolol roland is like solution for all problems

          anut is usually the best way to beat them without changing a hero
          sneak or lilith to burst them open (or anything that can take them out really fast such as naz)
          or use dorothy to remove buff

          your team, vivian mew naz should work. vivian chian 3, naz chain 1, then bella


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            Apparently, a GREAT way to beat this team is to use Mew, Yeo and R-0 with Anut. I don't even know WHAT hit me, these guys weren't even level 60, and my Korin/Mew/Thor team was just roadkill in no time. I wanted to flip some dang tables, man.

            Also, I have a terrible time with Nazrune, but that may be more the colosseum AI than Nazrune herself.

            But really, I've noticed the team that keeps me most on my toes is Anut + any hero/skill that targets the back line. Kill off Korin and you rob the team of their shield and it's just down to RNG whether Thor will live long enough to thunder everyone to death.


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              Yeah huh, about Nazrune...

              Im sorry Joolie .-.


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                Use anut when thor and korin's passive is active. It'll remove korin's shield(unless with 6* sbw) and thor's passive which is counter attack. Also be careful using multi hitters like D'art, archon, sneak, etc. It might trigger thor's passive too many times, which will roast your heroes alive

                As a thor korin user, i hate it when there's 6* r-0 or any archer that can take out my korin without triggering thor's passive. Vivian might work too, as her range can reach korin with a really high damage. Hope this help ✌️


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                  Just like what LionsHeart said.. just use Anut when Korin's and Thor's passive procs then attack rinse and repeat = win..


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                    Originally posted by Ritorusuta View Post
                    Yeah huh, about Nazrune...

                    Im sorry Joolie .-.

                    HAHAHAHAHA. SEE?

                    Oh wait, that's from a while ago with Chai. STILL. Hee hee hee. Nice!


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                      Why use Thor with Korin when you can use the next best thing, Maxi. it help to pushes the enemy to the wall stacking them up for thor to 1 shot all 3 of them with his double lightning thor hammer! That what i have been doing lately lol, i find it more fun when enemy is stack up nicely for thor to 1 shot. lol


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                        Oh Riiiitoruuusuuuuutaaaaa...

                        I now fear no Anut...

                        For YAMA IS WITH ME.


                        (You'll probably still kick my tush in actual PVP, but that's okay. I'm cackling like a maniac every time I do colo now.)


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                          What is a good skill for Nayrune?


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                            Oh no, my worst nigthmare has come true D:

                            (We migth test it out when your online, hehehe :P )
                            Btw, do dorothy sbw nullify korin sbw effect?

                            JayD, you should try "Wildlife charge" , exclusive to nazrune, she call every animal ( those hero/goddess animal looking even popo and toto) rushing and stomping at enemy for 1000% of hero power and stun for about 2sec. ( Certain summon give extra buff, by exemple Yeo/Mew heal, Sera shield, some buff and debuff, ect. )

                            No seriosly, maybe Trancended Magic Storm, as Nazrune has good resistance.


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                              Literally just use anut a second after korrin chain 3 to give time to dispell thors counter atk as well. Goddesses trump sbw korrin just can't be dispelled by characters such as hanzo