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What heroes should I be using?

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  • What heroes should I be using?

    The heroes I currently have(4* and up):
    Warrior: Leon of Light, Vivian
    Paladin: Drake
    Archer: Robin Hood, R-1
    Hunter: Maxi, No. 9, Sneak
    Priest: None
    Mage: None

    So, I plan on using Vivian, Robin Hood, and R-1 as of right now.

    Vivian has a nice 3 block chain, and Robin Hood can piggyback on that by using only 1 block of his. R-1's passive is that her block arrows explode after an ally's 3-block, causing them to deal even more damage.

    I am wondering if there is a better synergy combo I should be using, or if the current one I have is fine. I know No. 9 and Sneak are considered top heroes, but I am unsure of how to use their potential fully.

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    I dont see much of a team composition here. You really need to invest in a healer. Mew, Nurspy, stein.

    Only thing i see migth be these:
    Leon or Vivian, healer, R-1 or Robin or Drake, healer, Maxi.

    Sneak and No.9 are top tier for PvC ( Colosseum ), Susano/alex, Sneak as leader, no.9


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      These are my current heroes:
      Warrior:Leon of Fate 5 star
      Paladin:Stanya 4 star
      Archer:Righteous Outlaw Robin Hood 5 star
      Hunter:Crow 4 star
      Wizard:Archon 4 star
      Priest:Tenacious Stein 5 star

      Ia there a good team I can use with these heroes?


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        You need a healer...

        Look in your Hero tomb, check out the heroes' passive
        You will see (Main type) or (Support type).
        1 main, 2 support is the best.
        Main are usually 3 block users and support is usually 1 block "chaser"
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          You need mage and PRIEST, try get MEW she's tanky and could get her just by upgrading 3* priest to 4* (By Chance)
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            I've got a Leon sigurana and Dorothy all lv60. Although they have great stats their passive skills are all main type and cannot cooperate well with teammates. I've now got loads of money bread and gems and 3 star heroes so I want to ask for a good team for those 3 legendaries and will try to get them through promotion


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              Tbh leon and Dorothy aren't to good my friend. Try getting some good noncontract hero's to start lvlin like thor drake susano korrin and keep farming legendary hero's aswell I wouldn't focus to hard on leon and Dorothy u will be a little disappointed down the road


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                Well, I just got a mew (yay!). However, my current team, Vivian, Drake, and R-1 has been rocking PVP (gold tier didn't play enough). The only weakness I have come upon is any warrior who uses spinning slash.


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                  Maxi and Sneak can push heroes away, Can swap them with your R-1. Best is if you can destroy their warrior before they spin. Can also consider a magic attacker at the back as the magic defenses of warriors are low
                  Account Name: Dazmont
                  Feel free to add~~
                  Give me a pm in this forum so that i will know who you are~