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  • Destiny points,

    I have been playing the 20th floor in the Ancient dungeon for a while now. I have only gotten 2 points after beating it for about 3 days. The thing is i got those points on a one day session and haven't been getting any more since. I also used the 30 extra dungeon keys for this and still haven't been getting any more points. Is there something going on with my chances here or what? Please tell me. thx

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    Sadly it's all up to RNGesus whether or not you receive a hero, destiny points, or absolutely nothing (in most cases). Previously I've done somewhere between 50-70+ runs with nothing, and other times when I've gotten 2 heroes in 1-10 runs. If you're extremely lucky or pray hard enough you can get both heroes in the dungeon back to back.

    Something I noticed about destiny points is that after you receive a hero they reset which is kind of disappointing; especially if you already have the heroes in that dungeon and prefer a random one. Also the subtle heart bubble when you get a destiny point or speech bubble informing you that you've earned a legendary hero are a nice addition I recently discovered.
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