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    I think there was a small change in his passive? I recently got him, but I really don't get what I read. Anyone know how to use Necron properly? Also should he be leader or just support?

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    I got him too while a go. I leveled him up to 40. But seriously didnt think he is useful in any way. it just to complicated to summon the demon first and control hi trough blocks. there are so many better mages out there.
    Maybe I didnt get the trick. But I think he is just unconvinient.


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      Haha well I like to experiment with stuff, tho I kinda left him collecting dust on the roster (lv12 atm).
      A few questions I got after I reread the passive:
      1. After the ghost has been summoned, can only Necron's blocks give it command or can the other two's chains be used as well (making Necron's ghost possibly some sort of chaser)?
      2. Does the [Heal] command target randomly or, correct me if I'm wrong, have the same targeting criteria as single-target Priests (e.g. Mew) that targets the hero with the lowest HP? Also is it really 50% of the ally's HP (current or maximum)?
      3. Does the [Berserk] command target the ghost itself, Necron, or an ally?
      4. (If the answer in 1 is 'Only Necron') If Necron doesn't use any block, would the ghost just stand there like a retarded idiot staring at chibis hitting each other to death?
      5. What is the range of the ghost's attack?
      6. What does it mean on the 6* passive "The second order increases these effects by 50%?"

      Sorry for the questions, but I like making the most out of what I get, even if it's one of the weakest premium heroes out there. :3


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        0. For the most part Necron should never be leader.
        1. After the ghost is summoned Necron's blocks and all allies blocks will control the ghost.
        2. [Heal] command now heals the ghost only, not a party member.
        3. [Berserk ] command applies to ghost.
        4. If no blocks are used, ghost will simply auto-attack.
        5. Ghost special attack has 2 ranges. Short range that only hits the front line, & a long range that covers pretty much the whole screen. What type of attack it does is random.
        6. I'm not sure on this.

        Necron is pretty much just good for PVE.
        In PVP you need to get the perfect blocks in the perfect order to have a chance to win, only if the ghost does a long range attack first. It does happen but like 1 in 50+ times.

        If you have the shadow mage skill unlocked, you can use it to be able to summon ever more ghost, and make all kinds of crazyness.

        If not something like Necron(tb) / Archon(mr) / Mew(eog) is a good start. You need to wait until you have 3 Necron blocks to summon the ghost with max hp, if you don't it will die when you get to the level boss. Archon's 3 chain damage + Ghost special attack damage, will kill most everything before they get close enough to hit you. This team can take you well into tundra hard. (but not to the end)
        You can replace Archon with Korin, (or even Leon) but then you'll have to stop and "fight" each wave, instead of just running through the stage nonstop. Korin's shield, shields the ghost too, if I remember correctly.

        Another good pair is Necron with Mundeok. I passed up to 5-25 hard with 6* Necron, 5* Mundeok & 6* Mew. Should be further, but there seems to be a bug with this setup, it's hard to explain.

        He used to be completely useless without shadow mage, but now even without it he can be pretty fun to use.
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