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  • Koxinga

    Hey peeps,

    Just started playing CQ recently and i rolled a koxinga out of the premium contract.
    Just wanna hear your thoughts about the hero and was just wondering how to use him most effectively (e.g in an sp drain team or whatever)

    I really like the hero's concept and design so it would be awesome if i could know how to use him properly (what other heroes are compatible with him, etc)

    I heard he was OP for some time since he has a ridiculously high hp at *6 but had got nerfed already (toast plz)


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    hmm.. really good for sp drain team, i paired him with R-0 and a Trans EOG priest of choice in ordeal dungeons and was happy with the results, the boss although has high hp did not get a chance to charge up an sp skill and i'm planning to do a team like this for a long time now for specific dungeons, and Koxinga just came at the right time, would have all 3 but nurspy passive got changed to dmg reduc, man would that have been sweet.. have not maxed him out yet so have not seen his true potential.. just some thoughts and observations about the Ocean King..


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      I have Koxinga too, and just wanted to share that his passives says something like he raises the entire party's evasion stat by 20 % and I've been assuming that boosting the parties evasion means he is a buffer. At least that would make sense, but it turns out this stat boost isn't considered a buff when paired with hikari or other heroes who need buffs for their passives. I'm not sure if that's a bug that toast needs to fix but at the moment he doesn't work like that. That had me kind of bummed because I wanted to run a koxinga hikari and something else but when I six starred him that was my end result. so now I don't really know what else to pair him with, going R0 healer and koxinga isn't a terrible idea but its not what I was looking for, when I read his passive I was more excited about the evasion boost. I thought maybe a team that couldn't be hit would be a good counter for roland so I tried to find other units that go off that but yah no luck. I wanted to try maybe Dionne koxinga Wilhelm and someone else to try and counter roland in colosseum because wilhelms harpoon hits the front line unit (roland) Dionne messes up the heroes accuracy and so does koxinga and wilhem. Another thing I was unsure of though is whether or not rolands stun can miss because of Dionne and accuracy so maybe this isn't a good counter at all, I just wish there were more heroes that dealt with evasion and accuracy buffs/debuffs. Anyways another good unit that goes well with koxinga is tersea, because her passive activates when sp is below 30 and she also drains SP. I didn't 6 star my tersea yet so im waiting to test their chemistry out.