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  • Chai

    So, I'd like to ask a questions and have a small discussion on the Premium Hero known as Chai.

    Yes, Chai. That unlucky, somewhat unreliable priest that likes to throw dishes around randomly and, just as randomly, heal back to full health an almost dead companion with a single block. Unfortunately, she can also heal nothing at all with all of her dishes left behind your team...

    Despite her unreliable heals though, I have a soft spot for her and as I am about to bring her to 6* I am in doubt about the best skill I may throw on her.

    Which is the best skill I may use? I admit I am leaning on EoG, given her insane utility in boosting up a leader's blocks and SP's and it's not tied to Chai's stats for maximum effect.
    EoG is the go-to skill for priests in general, but...what about Smile of Goddess? That could be a safety net to compensate for a set of dishes missing at a critical moment.

    In terms of discussions...if you were to buff this cute chef to make her better, what would you do in terms of balance?

    I personally think that she should not change much from the current state, yet, her heals should be just a bit more reliable. I think that of the 8 dishes she creates when following a 3 chain, at least 3 of them (and maybe a fourth aimed at the hero with less health) should home at the team, with the remaining dishes keeping their random element. This would not throw her in the realm of OPness, but it should turn her well into the reliable territory like most other priests are.
    What do you think?

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    Give her a sbw that has her jump in the air and make a food spirit bomb that she slams down making a massive food splosion, but thats just what i think what about everyone else?


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      I also have a soft spot for Chai as she was my first premium and my best healer that brought me through most of the story mode until I got Mew.

      EoG for Chai, without a doubt. SoG has a delay before it heals, so it's NOT good as an emergency option. You might be interested in Protection of Goddess, though, as an alternative. It erects a shield that nearly halves the damage your team receives, for a whopping SEVEN (7!!!) seconds. This is more than enough time for Chai to throw some more food that her teammates can try to pick up.

      If you can get tPoG, you do get an even half the amount of damage, AND your team is immune to debuffs for five seconds.

      To be honest, I wouldn't change anything about Chai. The chance of unreliability of obtaining her heals is a fair tradeoff for how powerful her heals are and how much SP her food can restore. If you use her judiciously (not activating her heals when you're moving forward in PvE, for example, or just using her for WB, where your team is stationary). On top of her heals and SP, she's also pretty dang tank-ey.

      I don't use her as often as I used to, but I will always love her!


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        I admit I never take into consideration PoG, but all in all a sudden 50% damage reduction for such a long duration is a very strong ability to have available.

        I think I'm going to give that skill a try. I never really considered how strong it can be (it's like a longer use of Anut/Sera in terms of protection), especially paired with the debuff immunity whent trascended and the damage reflected.

        Thank you, I will try that skill on her right now. I can always switch to the cookie cutter EoG if it doesn't work, but I'm sure that will be a good asset if timed properly.
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          Let me know how it goes!

          I keep forgetting PoG reflects some of the damage, too. It really is an underrated skill. I hope it works out well for you.


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            The only reason I got chai was for ma healer collection, I have all healers 6* except for Melissa, that's an accomplishment for me to finish one class of the hero tome


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              @Joolie: I have to say PoG is an excellent choice for Chai and is exactly what I needed to compensate when her occasiona l dish-miss. For the time being she will go with that skill.

              Thanks for the suggestion!


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                I'm so glad it worked out for you! I just got another Chai from a 10-contract pull (sigh, haha) and think I'll try it out myself. Thanks for the follow up.


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                  Why not give Smile of Goddess a try? Since her heals are somewhat unreliable, with Smile of Goddess, she can still heal and have a 50% damage reduction, and cannot be removed by buff removal (Anut, Hanzo, etc) when transcended. Or even possibly Incarnation of Benevolence.


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                    Smile of goddess has a delay before it heals. It's enough of a delay that it makes it unsuitable for use as an emergency backup. If you try to use it in an emergency, your hero will be dead by the time it kicks in.

                    IoB is good but it's only available if you're lucky enough to have rolled Himiko. It's also not particularly fast, but it is powerful HoT.


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                      I have no idea how to use Chai, as much as i love her design, her skill seem useless for me as a priest.
                      i'm using roland for healing more when i train her @@!!
                      (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ IGN: Francis90


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                        Chai can heal for an incredible amount. Her problem lies in the fact that you need perfect timing to invoke her heals, and you have to cross fingers for the occasional random throw that has all her dishes miss. If you practice in using her a little it should be easy to push an ally to full health in a single use.

                        She is very powerful in terms of healing potential when used properly, yet she is hard to use and occasionally luck dependant. Those two factors clearly limit her a lot, especially with the large numbers of priests that are far more simple to handle.