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  • melissa

    Am i the only person that thinks this hero is too paper to be of much use. Maybe a good defensive oriented sbw will fix this

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    To be honest I too find that Melissa is barely ok in terms of defense: she still has very high defenses for a healer that barely make up for her low health.

    That said I personally feel like that the problem with her is not her frailty, but that her heals are lackluster. I see that she easily dishes out a ton of extra, free and almost guaranteed damage with her summoned demon hand, yet she can't compensate her overall mediocre defense with her heals, nor sustaining the team like many other healers.

    The idea of a hybrid healer/damage dealer is great, yet she should get some extra healing power to make her really strong as a legendary hero is supposed to be.

    Personally, she should retain her actual squishiness, but get a little more healing power to compensate. Probably her upcoming Soulbound will address this shortcoming.


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      Agreed on lack of healing. She's only sufficient as a healer when she's leader. I tend to not want to make her leader and instead I have another healer. I only use her when I want to combat someone else's healing.


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        Melissa(L)/Mew/Naz was good enough for me for PvE and for up to WB-3 for some time. Too much fear of Hanzo to take her into PvC/Duels


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          For me, melissa look like wizard more, rather than a priest, feeling that my roland heal faster than her and she does pretty ***y damage there and she rocks at PvC / PvP for killing roland
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