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  • Tia

    Hi there fellow crusaders.
    Today I want to spend a few words on this new hero that I am leveling up.

    Her looks are interesting/funny and her background is just as interesting/funny and her design covers the classic armored maid with the assassin spin as well.

    On paper she looks awesome and her animation brought me a laugh the first time I saw her throw her entire gun-suitcase at the enemies (that's why she can't manage to kill victoria in her background...that's not how you use an assassination kit!)

    Yet, I have to say that despite the awesome guaranteed +300% aoe attack with critical she is advertised with...she actually procs very rarely, if not at all.

    I have yet to test her in Colo since she is not 6* yet, so my observations are for pve at the moment.

    - Her basic block is somewhat slow and inferts a big knockback. The enemy hit receives her mark but is pushed back way behind the other enemies. This means it takes enough time for the 3 seconds mark to fade before the enemy is in front again, negating her proc entirely.

    - Her basic block is slow enough that two consecutive shots do not activate her passive, since the second is fired while the first is still flying. This forces timing, that in turn worsen the first point, raising the chances for her mark to expire.

    - Any other high hitting hero decimates the enemy team way before she can throw her suitcase, given that she needs two connected attacks in under 3 secs.

    Her mark should last least 5 seconds, but honestly it should not fade at all until hit by her suitcase.

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    Hey!! I got her as well.. but have not tried her out yet.. Will share my feedback when I 6* her..


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      Originally posted by Sota View Post
      Her mark should last least 5 seconds, but honestly it should not fade at all until hit by her suitcase.
      I agree, at least for as long as they keep her bullet speed super slow.
      Not that I'm for pay-to-win, but as a premium-only hero, she shouldn't have such a poor block ability.


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        And there she is, buffed to 5 seconds!

        I'm glad to see the suggestion has been considered and applied as well!

        Looking forward to test her out as I just 6* her: I'll write a few lines about this improvement after I tested her for a bit.