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  • 2 mamba party

    Hi im new here. Is it nice to have 2 mamba in a party? Who should i party with them? Planning to get drake for crit. Currently using yeow with them. Please share ur thoughts about this thanks

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    Is it for Colo/PvP? Even though he is a support type Mamba is often set as the leader so that he can continually spam his blocks for poison stacks. I have no idea if poison from 2 Mambas would stack though. He's pretty squishy, and having 2 heroes in Colo that are easy to snipe out can be risky. Your choice, though. You can set them up with Alex to tank the damage while the 2 of them do their nasty work.

    On that note, does someone know if Mamba's poison is counted as a debuff (removable by Anut or for the purpose of Cain's stun)?


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      I tried both and the poison stacks. Based on my observation the poison is the same as the fire from fire rain. Thanks for the reply thou currently both of them are 4 stars. Dont know how to get bread and gold quick so i can make them 6 stars
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        Friday and Sturday bread dungeon, Sunday Goblin gold dungeon. That how I gather bread and gold. From bakery and farming you can get some too. My experience is you can level one 6 star a week.


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          Thanks a lot! I guess i need to wait for those days.


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            Note: poison is considered debuff