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I need suggestion about Hanzo's SBW

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  • I need suggestion about Hanzo's SBW

    As we all know about his passive has currently changed from dealing neutral damage to physical damage, I got Hanzo's SBW last month with AD, I have no problem with D slot because we all know that we should aim for rolling Max HP 23% but what about A slot? Somebody told me that I should aim for Armor Penetration due to its change to physical, but his own passive(Hanzo) "the enemies' armor will be decreased by 5% of Hero's HP" so at +MAX his passive already provides him with better than a 402 Armor Penetration, isn't it enough to penetrate enemies armor? In my humble opinion, I think should go for Critical Damage 86.75% Shouldn't I? Please share your opinion and give me reason of it.

    ***I currently have Hero Attack Power 28.75% for A slot***

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    Go for critical damage.


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      More apen until enemy's armor is zero is always better (then you're dealing TRUE damage). Moreover, there is a lot of powerful warriors in this meta such as Arita, Abel, Uzimant, Rochefort... you need all the apen you have to quickly crush these naturally high-armored heroes.