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Yeowoodong ~ Worth?

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  • Yeowoodong ~ Worth?

    Yeowoodong ~ Worth?
    Hello! I was wondering if Yeowoodong is worth
    promoting up to a 6 Star hero? Should I use her?
    Just building up my team, any Hero Suggestions?
    Also, I'm looking for some Friends In-Game as
    well as Here on the Forums. Add me In-Game!
    IGN ( In Game Name ): LemmyBear Add Me, Please!

    Bye, Guys~!

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    Yes, I think its worth it. She can heal and block spam for the other two characters. You can use her as leader and use two other hero who are good with single block spam or 3 chain chasing, and her you have a nice team =D
    You can add me. IGN: ZGXY


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      Yeo is one of my fav healers in the game and is worth every resource, she also unlocks energy of the goddess which is an outstanding skill for any healer and if you pair her up with mew and any strong 3 chain chaser you will have a team that can carry you through episode 6. Definitely recommend leveling her to 6* and her sbw is very strong. My ign is Zetabladez if you want to faceroll a stage with a boss Roche sbw
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