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Lupeow and Demeter, are they good?

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  • Lupeow and Demeter, are they good?

    I just got Lupeow and Demeter recently, i dont know if i should 6* them or wait for Lilith and what term they are good at?
    I already got 6* Alex himiko Archon
    other contract only: Viper

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    You have good tastes.
    Let me give you some synergy advices.


    1 - Lupeow/Orfeo/Koxinga + Dionne Or Aubrey (Debuff/Evasion/Dps Comp)

    Lupeow > 3 chainer. Main DPS and Leader.
    Superior Staff. 3 Attack power %.
    Trans Mana Recycle or Trans Magic Storm.
    (She has a lot of Atk Power and her debuffs are excellent but you will focus on her 30 % enemy accuracy decrease debuff one)

    Orfeo > 1 chainner to trigger his passive.
    Paper doll. 1 Dmg Reduce % + 2 Evasion rate %.
    Trans Energy of Goddess.
    (Critical Chance buff + 30% enemy accuracy decrease debuff.
    in other words, more damage for your Lupeow and more miss chance for your entire party)

    Koxinga > 1 chainner to trigger his passive.
    Sea king sword or Herev. 1 Resist penetration. 1 Maxium Hp. 1 Evasion rate %.
    Overflowing Determination for more DPS or Dancing Blade.
    (Chance of evasion 20% and if you succed in evading 5 times even MORE accuracy decrease + DPS because of his Water Dragon Summon.)

    Summarize > Lupeow 30% + Orfeo 30% + Koxinga 35 % + Dionne 50% = 145 % Accuracy Decrease with the perfect and right timing. Kinda untouchable.

    2 - Lupeow/Nurpsy/Achilles + Anut or Bella (Debuff/AtkPower/Dps Comp)

    Lupeoew. Use the same set up .
    (In this case you will focus on her attack power decrease 50% debuff.)

    Nurpsy. 1 chainner. Lupeow 3 chain will trigger her passive.
    SBW. AA > 2 Attack power %.
    Trans Energy of Goddess.
    (With her SBW 50 % attack power decrease + she can dps.)

    Achilles. 1 chainer to trigger his passive. Lupeow 3 chain will trigger his passive too.
    SBW DD> 2 Dmg reduction %
    Trans Consecutive Depth Bomb for more Dps with the resistance reduce debuff, or Trans Avatar of protection-Shield of invicibility to tank.
    (With his passive 50% attack power decrease + Armor reduce + Armor increase on both side (You dont need to worry about this since you are a magical damage team) + 50% Resistance decrease so than means.. more dps for your lupeow.)

    Summarize > Lupeow 50% + Nurpsy 50% + Achilles 50% + Anut 50% > 200% Attack power reduce with the perfect and right timing.
    You can use Bella since with that resistance decrease ... You will hit hard for sure with Lupeow.

    You can try to combine her with Hanzo Sbw too.


    1 . Demeter/Beatrice/Drake + Aubrey (Critical/DPS/Semi tank comp)

    Demeter > 3 chain Main DPS and Leader
    SBW AA. 2 Attack power %
    Trans Mana Recicle.

    Beatrice > 1 chain to trigger her passive.
    SBW. AA > 2 Attack power %
    Trans Energy of Goddess.
    (More Attack power + resistance + Defense. Since Drake is a squishy Tank you can trigger her Double passive effect)

    Drake. 1 chain to trigger his passive.
    Trans shield of invi or Avatar of protection or Consecutive deph bomb for more dps.

    Aubrey for obvious reason since your team will rely on the buffs.

    There are a lot of better combinations for sure...
    Try and tell me.