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  • Red Bullet Saiga Passive

    Red Bullet Saiga.jpg
    Considering I haven't seen that much people talking about him, I have some unanswered question that has something to do with his passive:
    When chain-3 skill is used, hero fires a cannon towards the enemy, with (60/80/100%) accuracy, dealing total physical damage equal to 1000% of Hero's attack power. Cannon damage is bounced from enemy to enemy (maximum 3 times) and each time the hit chance decreases by 15%.
    Since he's a main type, he benefits from 3-chains, but what about the phrase that talks about accuracy. (60/80/100%) if it only activates during 3-chains, then what's the other two. Considering there are times where his skill bounces even without being a 3-chain, does that mean it can activate at 1 / 2 block with 60 / 80% accuracy respectively. And another thing, does his 1000% physical damage only activate if it successfully bounces 3 times considering that's how it looks like when using him. And lastly, will the outcome change if you max his accuracy through berries meaning you'll get 70/90110% accuracy on his passive ? What are your thoughts