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    So, I recently got Cano and instantly fell in love with her passive skill. The only problem is that I don't know whom I should use with her. I am limited when it comes to heroes, only gotten Archon's Soulbound Weapon (And Monte's 4 Star, but not that I use him as much anyway), and I'm poor as hell when it comes to gems. I've recently tried the 10 Premium Contract and the only "good" one I got was Vane, whom I heard isn't even that good.

    What I'm looking for here are teammates that would make Cano viable in the Colosseum once I've maxed her level. I've heard Mew is good, but who else? I've posted screenshots of heroes I have. I know, I know, I have "Thorinmew" which internet says is the nightmare of PVP, but I apparently suck at using them. Well, not suck, but I'm not as good as people have said they are. Any advice on using them too would be appreciated.

    Anyways, back to Cano. I was thinking of either promoting Isabel since she would benefit from Cano if she spams 3-chains, or Thor so he could use his passive counter skill. I haven't tested it yet though. Anyways, anything you guys could tell me would be great. Thanks!

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    My Cano is only 5*, but the laser light show is still a sight to behold. From what I heard, she is quite good in PvC albeit teams with her take some time to build up.

    As you said, Mew is one of her best allies. Cano/Mew/Mew is a good team AFAIK, but at the start of the fight it might be a bit shaky if you get bad RNG. Also, Yeo might be viable in a Cano/Mew/Yeo team, although Yeo needs to be leader. Yeo and Mew together can generate a ton of blocks, but I don't know if this would be better than double Mew. EDIT: If you think you really need a tank for Cano to survive, use Cano/Mew/Alex.

    I've tried it only in Practice, but apparently Kaori's slashes count as blocks for Cano's passive. It should be noted that each of Kaori's slashes is one chain-3 (kinda like Stanya's counters, except MUCH faster); chasers can chase off each slash, and for Cano that means each slash is 3 blocks. With Shadow Mage, while Kaori is jumping back and forth Cano's lasers will rain down. However, I don't really recommend Kaori for PvC since she is SUPER unreliable (she needs 4-5 blocks to start) unless you got a tank or something. Kaori is a promotable though, so if you want to use her, then try to promote a bunch of 3* warriors (you'll need her for Heaven Slash anyway).

    I don't know about the other chasers you mentioned. Isabel is kinda okay, but apparently not many people use her at the moment. Thor might be better with the thunderbolts that never miss (evasion meta pls).

    Of course, you can always pray to get Himiko; her heals and debuffs can drastically increase Cano's survivability, and her chance to proc true chain-3 skills can help Cano a lot.

    I don't know much about Cano except for from what I heard (and what I can speculate), but I hope this helps.

    I might as well add some stuff. I mentioned earlier about Shadow Mage, but it looks like you don't have Lilith yet, so Mana Recycle would be good for Cano for the meantime. If you're trying to get Cano's SBW, the best slots would be AA or AF, although I won't consider it as a priority until you get SM.

    Good luck and have fun!

    PS. If you think Cano's performance is lackluster in PvC, I suggest you start practicing that Thorinmew (not as OP as before, but still a high-tier team).
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      Thank you for your response! I've actually got Cano's SBW today (woo the RNG gods have heard my prayers, though took a re-roll to get it), though I got a DD. Not very good then, huh. But yes, doing Colosseum whenever I can saving up for another shot at premium contracts.

      Anyways. I've tired Cano(L)/Mew/Yeo and failed, but like you said I probably needed Yeo to be the leader. But is Yeo really as good as everyone says she is? I find her heals mediocre, and Aria is clearly superior when it comes to healing, plus she buffs the party! The only difference being is that Yeowoodong get blocks more easily. Is that a better trait than superior healing and defense buffing? (Plus Shooting stars everywhere woosh.)

      One last thing, if I do try to get Himiko, do you think I should buy the 10 premium contracts or the class-specific ones and just keep re-rolling? Because I obviously need more of the good heroes (Like Lilith like you mentioned and Demeter's nice too. Wouldn't mind a Mundeok.) or should I prioritize Himiko because she will be crucial for Cano? I know I should do what I think I should do, but I'm just asking for your opinion. Since I'd say I'm still fairly a noob at this game. Thanks for the response again!


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        Yeo is there mainly as block generator, so as you said, her heals are relatively mediocre. I wouldn't consider Aria to be better than her though. Yes, Aria heals a good amount, but that's pretty much it since her buff is not that high (you do the math). Yeo, on the other hand, has the utility to generate ally blocks. If you tried Yeo(L) and Mew together, you would see the insane block generation and as a plus, Mew's heals can cover for Yeo. When you have the resources, forge old orbs to get their SBWs, preferably Mew's.

        When buying contracts, it's ALWAYS the 10-contract deal. In your position (I'm assuming you are still early in the game), class contracts are way too risky and not worth it. So if you're going for Himiko, buy a 10-pull and pray for the best (try waiting for rate-ups). From there, you might even get some good heroes. If you get, say, a Dox, you won't even need Cano for PvC.

        Good luck!